How will your Google search experience get better?

How will your Google search experience get better?


“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.” (Clay Shirky)

In the recent years, looking towards the analytical graph of what updates and modern shifts have Google imposed on the marketers depicts only one thing i.e. improving the search experience further and further; this included algorithm updates to mobile friendly web pages which supported smart devices of any size.


Types of marketers

There are variable types of marketers;

·         Some marketers keep on striving to adapt to Google’s ever changing algorithms

·         Some marketers are always pacing ahead of Google, concentrating on two major goals i.e. quality and content

·         Others are striving to deduce engaging content that keeps their users updated whenever and wherever


Future of SEO

Invigilating over where Google stands today is no big deal but forecasting whether the search industry will be today in the next coming years is a big thing. Forecasting it and implementing it will make you ahead of your competition thus dominating the search industry on the whole so pace up right now, the time is running.


Intelligent content

Quality content and SEO are simply not enough to entertain the generation of today then how will the generation of tomorrow ne satisfied. Marketers are probing and experimenting to formulate intelligent content catering a remarkable user experience to the users.


Essentials of intelligent content

Below is a list of essentials illustrating that how intelligent content can be formulated;


·         Data driven content

Initially elucidate and clearly define your audience, conversion stats and engagement concoction. Secondly, track where these are heading and finally develop insights to gain and turn into leads.


·         Content goals

Your content should be of high quality and it should have revolving SEO around it. This will definitely augment visibility. This visibility is further amplified via social channels to create a terrific demand in the coming future.


·         ROI content

Develop the content that is rich with ROI i.e. articles, videos, images or within your blogs try to provide genuine answers. Furthermore, use snippets, links, social media etc. to stay on the edge.

“Make friends not enemies. Compliment do not criticize. Like.” (David Chiles)

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