Social media aiding SEO
19 Jul 2017


“I usually try to stay off my phone and enjoy the world, but when I am on my phone, it's always for social media - to talk to my bros and my fans and my friends.” (Ross Lynch)

The most ever discussed topic that whether social media aids your brands’ SEO and help you get better ranking in search engines or not. Well, the good news social media does help your business’s SEO to get better ranking and also aids SEO but the manner and facet of aid is technically different and not that.


Social media is not a direct ranking agent

Many times, Google and other search engines have revealed that social media is not a direct ranking agent means it doesn’t directly escalade the ranking of your business but it does it all the way round. Typically, the links used within the social forums such as Twitter and Facebook are sued by Google bots in the form of search signals and or ranking signals.


Google top rankings

Usually, we see the top most branding website in Google’s top rankings those websites emit more social signals than any other websites. This is because these websites perform well on the social signals on one hand while on the other by means of earning links are able to get the number one ranking on Google.


Indirect correlation

When you create good content, the content is circulated amongst the generation and this good content is definitely linked to websites and another posts. The number of each share doesn’t count though but as the linking and liking augments the rankings definitely is boosted.


Social media and its aid


1.       Link potential

The greater number of shares your content receive there is then the greater opportunity of earning links. The content which is more appreciated gets greater number of shares which ultimately preaches out to potential link generator for earning links.


2.       Building audience

For any new product, service or brand no audience can be created immediately and unless an event is pronounced you won’t be able to gather audience. Enormous amount of audience can only found at one place i.e. social media. Gearing up your social game will eventually create brand awareness and thus augments the likelihood of people clicking to your content in search engine rankings.

“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.” (Simon Mainwaring)

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