4 tips for Minimalist web design
10 Jun 2017


“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.”

You should accentuate your content in such a manner that it shouldn't look too much crowded to the visitor nor it should look too much vacuum too. In the past few years, simplicity is on the verge of raging. This is because people have become too much accustomed of overcrowded webpages. They need to see some white space now. Therefore, they want to see simple yet sober web page which are free from too many word.


The rigid part

Minimalism is all about eradicating that stuff which is not needy. Only the required content should be present whereas everything should be disregarded. Now the rigid part is the same functionality and usability should be offered with minimalism than with the other stuff too.


Do's of minimal web design

Below is a list of do's that you should follow while considering minimal web design;


1.       Flat design

The scheme of minimalism lies within the flat interface. A flat design is free from three dimensional structures, gradients, textures etc. Flat design and minimalism are oth complimentary that they both work on one rule of eradicating extras.


2.       Color restriction

The number of colors that you are using should be limited and restricted. You should avoid using numerous colors at once. Stick with two or three. In minimalist web design, the element of color becomes the pivotal spot of attention as it is used to elaborate and to specify something visual.


3.       Negative or white space

The negative space also refers to the white space. The exemplary type of negative space is present on the homepage of Google. Where the extra space or the negative space is left in monochrome essence.


4.       Typography and Typeface

In a minimalist web design, there are not many elements to divert the attention of the customer. Only a few elements are responsible to either create a dramatic yet everlasting effect or to create a baffling image. If a typeface is used in an essential manner, then it can take the locale of photos and other animated content and thus create a high impact.

“The purposeful destruction of information is the essence of intelligent work.” (Ray Kurzweil)

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