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Our eLMS Pricing

Please see the next slide for packages descripations & inclusions.

package 1

eLMS Setup Only

package 2

eLMS Setup Only + Courseware
setup / consultancy

package 3

eLMS Setup Courseware
Creation & setup

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Our eLMS Packages

A1: eLMS Setup Only

  • Personalized LMS system with your logo, login page hero image/video, your brand colours.
  • 2 hours training workshop.
  • Access to our video tutorials.
  • Setting up the system into your website as a sub-domain (Eg. ELearning.companyXYX.com)

A2: eLMS Setup + Courseware Setup/Consultancy

    All components of A1 plus the additional inclusions:

  • Up to 30 hours of inserting courseware content and consultancy about courseware creation. (then 75 AED per hour)

A3: eLMS Setup, Courseware Creation & Setup

    All components of A2 plus the additional inclusions:

  • Up to 5 hours of edited video content. Filmed over 2 days. (then 1000 AED every 30mins)
  • Sliced edited video deployed into your Vimeo video account (ready to be inserted into your course)

A4: Spiralclick Hosted Solution

  • SpiralClick takes care of your eLMS security, hosting, feature upgrades.
  • No additional hosting costs.

A5: Spiralclick Hosted Solution With Online Checkout (Ecommerce)

    All components of A4 plus the additional benefits of:

  • Ability for your customers to purchase your eLearning courses through the website using their credit card.
  • Student online payment options include: 1-time purchase or monthly automated subscription.

A6: Your eLearning Platform

    All components of A4 plus the additional benefits of:

  • Built as your own dedicated eLearning solution.
  • Hosted anywhere you choose (your website hosting or Spiralclick hosting)
  • Includes 6 months of free technical support after solution goes live.

Benefits of eLMS

Rapid eLMS deployment

In WEEKS not months

Teach Remotely

In a secure online environment

Its Global

Anyone can join your online course

Brand New Revenue

Stream for your company

More Profitable

An unlimited number of students can participate

Easy To Manage

With a centralised dashboard to managed students and courses

Save Time

Create a training course once and run it forever without you

Students Can Pay Easily

Online, through your eLMS


Students can participate in your course anytime at their pace

your full turnkey solution

Use our add-on services to support a full turnkey solution - maximise your exposure and ROI

To enable users to pay easily online for their courses
Our team can save you time and upload courseware materials on your behalf
We can create a unique landing page to support your marketing campaigns
Analysis, set up, management and reporting
Our team of experts can help you create winning courseware content
For cutting edge video content, make use of our expert videographers

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