7 Reasons Why Successful Business Websites use SEO
18 Mar 2014

To get your website noticed then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret weapon. Everyone’s talking about SEO but what exactly is it? Basically, search engine optimization encompasses a wide range of techniques that will artificially boost your website’s ranking higher in the results of search engine queries.

Today, every business must introduce search engine optimization into their e-marketing strategy in order to stay competitive in their industry. With so many agencies offering SEO services, there is no reason why you can not enjoy the benefits of your website attracting higher traffic numbers from a successful 6 month SEO campaign. Dubai SEO experts, SpiralClick.com offers a complete SEO and e-marketing solution for their clients seeing successful results and increased sales due to a more visible web presence.

So you ask; “What if I did not pay an expert SEO company to optimize my website? How will my website get noticed on the web?” Our quick answer to clients is “it wont get noticed.” Basically, for your website to become visible on the web without the help of SEO then either you would need to spend a small fortune on traditional advertising methods, or maybe your company is well known and generating a lots of interest from people talking about it on the internet. Your website ranking on Google and other search engines may rise but at a slower rate over many years. Just think of all those potential customers you missed because your website ranking was so low.

Search engine optimization is the only method to fast-track your website to page 1 ranking in search engines. When actioned by a professional SEO agency, you website will be enhanced so that Google or Yahoo will find it easier and it will be optimized to appear in these search engines for a larger amount of keyword search terms.

For every marketing dollar spent, search engine optimization generates the highest return on investment for many good reasons.

1. SEO is valuable

92% of Internet users will use a search engine to find what they are looking for. 66.7% will use Google. 59% use search engines on a daily basis.

2. SEO is sustainable

Unlike Paid-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns which disappear from the advertising spaces as soon as you stop paying for it, your website SEO ranking is a true representation of your website usefulness. This means that the website will hold it’s ranked position for a long time after the SEO process is completed.

3. SEO is quantifiable

Compared to traditional print marketing methods when companies had to somehow quantify if they saw a return on their marketing spend with an expensive billboard advertisement (counting the number of eyeballs driving by it), SEO and other e-marketing methods are highly quantifiable through the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and many others. These tools offer an extensive range of reports and website performance feedback.

4. SEO is highly targeted

A professional SEO company can target your SEO campaign to pinpoint your website to your target audience. From selecting the best keywords, to geographical region, to industry and customer demographic.

5. SEO is time consuming

The SEO process is labor intensive. By paying a professional SEO agency to do this work saves you hours of free time to work on other tasks which you excel at.

6. SEO is a specialist industry

The SEO tricks of the trade change constantly. The correct SEO techniques to implement depend on what new decisions that Google implement into their Google Search algorithms. If you don’t know enough about SEO then you may be wasting your time trying it yourself.

7. SEO is affordable

Most importantly, after summing up the above points, it’s pretty obvious to quantify the importance of SEO and it’s cost benefits.

75% of search engine users will never look further then the first page display. The only way to get your website ranked amongst the finest is to implement search engine optimization (most likely, the other guys on page 1 are using SEO services too). This will increase the chances of your target audience finding you on the web and also increase your business opportunities as well.

SpiralClick.com have their own Dubai SEO team that have been improving their client’s website visibility through exceptional SEO services. There are no valid reasons why businesses should not be focusing on an aggressive e-marketing strategy in their annual marketing and advertising plan. If you don’t you’re leaving the door wide open for rivals to snatch the number 1 position in your industries keyword search terms.

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