8 Things Every WordPress Developer Should Know
23 Jul 2019

“Asking me to copy someone’s design logo is not a design brief.”

WordPress is a really amazing web developer tool as it aids a developer in the development of a great website by means of the usage of PHP.

Though, this tool has tremendous facets that will bolster in the creation of a phenomenal web design but while using WordPress, one can easily get distracted even when fixing an issue.


Things that every Wordpress developer should know


1. Say ‘No’ to Query Posts

Never use query posts as these posts engross a number of coding to optimize a number of backgrounds. In the end, a chaotic situation will be proclaimed.  And for the management of a number of backgrounds, supererogatory coding will be your only option that will be too much time consuming.


2. Queue your styles and scripts

Queuing the styles and scripts that you are utilizing when considering WordPress will directly impact your users by depicting the gesture of management however, one should keep in mind that a JS library cannot be used twice or a JS script cannot be entitled twice otherwise a whole chaotic situation will be displayed.


3. Cache is the ‘transient thing’

Now, there is no need to save the small data, a transient option is set with a timer that saves the data for a particular instance. This data can be used by the plug-in developers during the construction of their webpages.


4. Relevant images

Subsequently, for a greater and healthier impact on your users, it is very much vital to add relevant images along with the guest posting.


5. Inquire about your feeds

Feeds are the major engine that will either bring your customers towards your webpage or will drive your customers away. For the conversion of the consumer into a customer, it is very much necessary to allow the consumer to know about your feeds. Usual feed information is termed mediocre however for stronger perception and conversion rate, point to point information about the feed must be displayed i.e. main comments, post comments, custom post type etc.



GZIP allows the compression of the files before sending them to the user. This will concordantly save both storage and time.


7. Reduction of DB

DB must be reduced and your data and tables must be modified repeatedly.


8. Everyone is not a developer

Not everyone is a developer, but one can be a developer if one knows the usage and right incorporation of CSS, plug-in operations, DB plug-ins, etc.

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible and reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise.” 

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