Ecommerce website resource planning
12 December 2015

“Leadership and planning in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce.” (Michael Oxley)

Planning or stratagem, also known as forethought can be understood as sequence of steps of thinking and managing the events, which are essential to attain a proposed goal. Building of scenarios in order to complete the set up goals and compete within the market.

Ecommerce resource planning is the set of pattern that guides and propagates the company to utilize the procurable resources and nuts in a constructive and fruitful manner that could help the organization or the company to prosper by heaps and bounds.


Following forethought to be in mind while starting an ecommerce venture:


1.Enroot a requirement document

The business engrossment for the projects to be lined up by a set of code or any contract which contains the requirements of the project. This initial step to be followed by following sub steps,

a.       Marketing

The engrossments to be laid by the requirements i.e. promotion, pricing, reporting, content management, SEO, marketing automation and of course PPC.


2.Customer service

A group of people or a team acting on the first line of defensiveness that interacts with the clients, these people are the door towards success because they are able to understand the desire and expectations of a client. Input by these peoples to be collected on following areas

a.       Account management

b.      Order management

c.       Order workflow.

d.      Admin comments

e.      Access permission


3.Order conform

Warehouse or the ware house department works in order to get the product to be accessible to the clients at their doorstep, ecommerce project requires following consideration about it;

a.       Shipping software

b.      Shipping paperwork

c.       Enterprise resource planning

d.      Inventory receiving process

e.      Returns procedure



Management of the transactions by online sale is lined up by the coordination of accounting department by dealing with the following ailments;

a.       Taxes

b.      Orders

c.       Reconciliation

d.      Financial package integration

e.      Reporting


5.Upper management

The c grade will get very detailed report of the performance of the working troops.


6.Keep track of beneficial content

The information regarding the concern of ecommerce to be saved and kept tracked of.


7.Follow the finest blogs

Stand and relies on government regulations, general ecommerce best practices and online marketing trends in order to rank high in industry.


Success dependence

The success of the ecommerce dependson the set of strategies i.e. how each and every single department works while using the incorporation of the collected knowledge in order to get better output by the clients.

“When looking at investing; we always think about how defensible is this, how likely is it that somebody is going to copy it. Ecommerce trends to be something easy to copy because it’s execution.” (Nikolas Zennstrom)

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