How Often Should I Redesign My Website?
26 Mar 2015

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” (Paul Cookson)

Many people question us about the number of times they should redesign their website. It is a sane question and actually a good one. Personally speaking, we love this question since it helps us explain our perspective of an ideal website to the client.



Most often the websites out there are around five years older (give or take). This is absolutely crazy since that period is too long to wait before redesigning your website.



So back to the original question, how often should you delve into the redesigning process? If you want a generalized answer, we would suggest redesigning your website every two or three years. We at SpiralClick try to redesign our website every two years.



The reason behind this period is the fact that the online environment is ever-growing with new technological leaps coming in almost every year.  For example, responsive web design is the in thing right now and it’s been around here for a while. Many websites have redesigned their websites to accommodate and integrate responsive design however at the same time there are countless websites which have neglected this.

Responsive design lets websites scale themselves down automatically to adjust to the viewer’s device and seeing that many people have neglected this is unfortunate.



Many people wonder why website entrepreneurs wait so long before the redesigning phase. It is because most people find the idea appealing while others consider it unimportant. The other issue is budget problems. Just like every other budget, you need to highlight the issue to be important in order to score the adequate funds for the job.

Most of the times, organizations and sometimes web entrepreneurs too perceive the initiation of a website as a one-time expense and not something that needs to be maintained in the long-run. Such people forget that marketing is a continuous process which would come to a total standstill if the online workspace is neglected. So in order to keep your business going in a positive direction, it is suggested to keep your website up to date and fresh in line with the latest trends in the online environment.

Maybe in the next couple of years we will change the direction of our website based on how the search engine’s algorithms work. Since, the search engines are always getting optimized to include more relevant results.

At the end of the day, it’s all about asking yourself whether your website is up-to-par with the latest electronic marketing trends. If you hear the faint decline as an answer then it is high time that you change the direction of your website and start redesigning.

If you feel that the budget for updating your website is unjustifiable then look at it from this standpoint that at the end of the day, online marketing is mainly an investment to attract more customers.

“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” (Jared Spool)

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