Marketing features to boost you eCommerce Website
07 July 2016

“Just like the Internet has transformed the media industry or the e-commerce industry, the software industry is also being affected dramatically by the Internet.” (Kevin Lynch)

Online sales in 2015 have seemed to be one of the most essential sources to reap most of the sales growth according to one of the estimation. Annually $341.7 billion has been reported to be the revenue of sales via online channels. 


E-Commerce website

A well developed and customer appealing website provides utmost and exemplary user experience but technically dealing with an ecommerce website can surely be a hectic task. Managing a website involves numerous tributaries such as paying close attention to detailing, probing into the management and investment systems etc. Ecommerce business can definitely be at a lead only when certain ecommerce tools are comprehensively incorporated within the development of an ecommerce website. 


Analytical tools

Certain analytical tools need to be implemented in order to take the right decision for the success of an ecommerce website in respect to marketing, sales and directional aspects.

These analytical tools are given below;



Clicky is one of the really awe inspiring tool as it can depict and course the flash and Ajax schemes. Due to this feature, this tool is definitely eccentric than other tools. 



Again a unique website i.e. Metrilo that helps the users to not only take necessitated info about the product and its detailing but it also helps the users to compare the sales. Metrilo also helps you to analyze your eCommerce business and website and aids your website to grow better and bigger.


Pricing of the products

It is much mandatory to stay informed about the pricing of the related products as without the sound knowledge one is very much eligible to be eliminated from the competition if he is unaware of the pricing details. A number of pricing tools have been developed which automatically compare and generate the pricing of the products which are listed below;



This particular product is very much specific in terms of making the users aware of the prices as this tool compare and contrast the price of Amazon’s product so as to give the consumer a better insight of the specifications of the product. 


User interaction and actions

User interaction and user actions are very much necessary to reap and at any cost they cannot be over looked as the behavior of the customer and their interaction with the website can help to determine the direction of the success of the website. A number of tools have also been introduced for tracking the user website interaction.

“On average, an eCommerce  client who evolves into a premier enterprise client increases their annual spend by 10 times in that first year. Jon Oringer” 

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