Provisions for an improved E-shopping experience
12 December 2015

“Shopping at any level is a bit of therapy for my medulla oblongata.” (Theophilus London)

E-commerce companies and websites are under great exertion of getting the lead and staying ahead of their competitors. The most common problem they witness is how to board all the customers on their website, at a time, who are willing to buy from them globally.

A number of aspects should be considered by the ecommerce website owners to ensure that their customers can access their website anywhere anytime.


User Experience

The most frequent problem that leads the customers off from any website is their loading time. Consequently, 25% of the customers shed off those websites whose elements take longer than 4 second’s time while loading. Hence, it is high time to perform such mechanism that will directly speed up the time of loading of the websites. These tools should be used to tackle the issues of loading time of a particular website;

·         Incapsula

·          WP Super Cache

Incapsula can simply help the user to grab the elements faster as it reduces the transit time of transferring the elements from the website to the users’ browsers. On the other hand, WP Super Cache is a cache plugin which definitely compliments Incapsula as it converts the heavier traffic to a lighter one by the provision of HTML files.


Payment methods

Customers are always delightful when they get added benefits hence our primal focus should be to delight customers rather than giving them pains. In doing so, e-commerce website owners should provide a number of payment methods so that customers can choose the most handy and facile option for them. However, you must not provide unsafe transactions. All your transactions should be made safe and no third party without sound insurance must be a part of.



Within the locals, the e-commerce website plays well in the distribution of the purchased items. The real hindrance is faced by the international buyers where the e-commerce website is unable to cater them. And secondly, most of the times international buyers resist in purchasing abroad as the delivery charges are pretty much costly. A simple remedy should be offered i.e. mail forwarding. This will eventually mitigate the delivery charges abroad along with safe delivery end will be proclaimed.

“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” (Tammy Faye Bakker)

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