Significance of SEO focused landing pages.
04 April 2017

“Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.” (David Amerland)

Targeting a particular landing page to SEO requires following certain essentials. A focused SEO landing page contains a set of those unique characters which the targeted landing page is devoid of.


A focused SEO landing page

A focused SEO landing page is particularly designed in such a manner so that it caters to the needs and whims of customers thereby drawing their attention and at the end of the day augments organic traffic on the whole. This focused SEO landing page circulates round a certain set of keywords that are related to the domain and corporate identity of the webpage. The significance of a SEO focused landing page entirely depends upon the usage of targeted and selected keywords.


Visitors and conversion

If you are looking for the diversion of visitors and aiming for the augmentation of conversion rate, you need to incorporate and target generic keywords. These keywords are conversion driven.

If you will focus on these types of keywords, then definitely your landing page will become SEO focused and conversion driven.


Bounce rate

While working with SEO, you need to keep essentially one thing in mind that for high turn out your bounce rate should be comparatively low. But while considering with SEO focused landing page you only need to worry about your conversion rate which needs to be particularly high.


SEO focused

A landing page can become SEO focused as you need to satisfy Google and all its updates. Also, a SEO focused page should be able to earn certain links however if a page is not be able to earn these links then definitely the page is not able to augment the conversion rate which will definitely affect the indirect sale of the website.

For SEO focused landing page, you should target one age group of audience and thus fully target that audience regardless of other public.

“We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS.” (Christopher Dayagdag)

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