The entrepreneurs’ successful moves!
05 Nov 2015

“I create. I take risks. I live my passion. I am an entrepreneur.”

The successful entrepreneurs are always up with the notion of working more and more and they necessarily do not care what others say. These entrepreneurs are successful as their plans are entirely based upon the origination and innovation of something or other rather than imitation of the commodities.


The entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs are always up with certain scenarios which act as driving force for them. They never let go of the time that is present and to meet with the impossible is the biggest forte of their lives. The successful entrepreneurs, like others have to face the toughest of times but to strive hard and survive through these times is what segregate them and saves them from the crucial anguish of life.


$1 Trillion

Certain entrepreneurs have the ultimate grail of linking the major successful companies by means of essential projects and proposals. These proposals will, according to a survey made by U.S studies, says that will surpass the e-commerce market over $1 Trillion, quite a huge amount eh?

Entrepreneurs always do what they love the most. Doing what loves you makes the most money trust me. I have always loved writing not obviously professional writing but definitely worth personal diaries hence I preferred this white collar.


Khuram Dhanani

Khuram Dhanani is one of the finest and youngest entrepreneurs. He began his journey of business when his age was 16. The essence of business embarked when he has no penny. He just did what inspired him and what he loved. He was inspired by a man who was much older than him but he used to sell products online. Dhanani loved selling and he did what he loved. And since today, he has been doing what drives him crazy.


His business

The businesses only set up when the strategies are sound much. Entrepreneurs need to be classy and savvy while making decisions. Khuram dhanani’s business was embarked with the purchase and sale of jewelry items. These jewelry items were first sold via yahoo and 100% profit was acclaimed.



The more integrate, sound and contemporary the idea is, the smart and classy is the outcome. You need to be elegantly innovative in order to propagate faster than your competitors. And trust me love what you do, create new commodities and play with experiments.

“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” (Lori Greiner)


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