The Growth of eCommerce sales through Mobile apps
12 December 2015

“The majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary, if not their only, way of experiencing the internet.” (Janice H. Reinold)

Mobile has become the largest portal of purchasing stuff online. These purchases can be made via directly from the website origin or via some application of related store. The use of apps undoubtedly eases the journey of shopping online.



Some apps are built in such a way that they are able to broaden our senses and usage of using the World Wide Web. These apps have changed the way people deal with businesses. Mobile apps are a greater source of easiness of handling with internet. According to a report estimated in 2014, stated that during the holiday season about 42% of the online shopping was done by mobile sources. Developing an ecommerce app for your ecommerce business is definitely a healthy and wealthy idea but does your customers use that app to make purchases is the real question.


Having or not having apps on the devices?

Quite mysteriously it has been appallingly obvious that the usage of mobile apps is not much pervasive as the use of eCommerce website. According to a studying, it was found that 22% of consumers do not have any sorts of shopping apps on their devices. And of those having shopping apps on their phones, only 10% use these apps once a day whereas other consumers’ usage of shopping apps is quite sporadic.


Web or app

The recent buzz of any business is depicted in the sense that the business should have an app no matter the consumer uses the app or not. A study revealed that only 31% users use the apps however the rest of the users visit the websites for shopping purposes.

The following questions will answer your miserable query of whether or not investing in the app development;


·         Memory

Applications that are of huge memory are usually erased from the smartphone devices.


·         Importance of the apps

Does your retail app contain some essential information which is not presented on your website? Is your app profitable to the customers in any sense? Is your app relevant enough for the consumers to download it?


·         App functionalities

The retail app that you have made is capable to perform all the multi functionalities relevant for making any user experience a marvelous one?

“The two parts of technology that lower the threshold for activism and technology is the Internet and the mobile phone. Anyone who has a cause can now mobilize very quickly.”(Mandeep Singh)

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