User Experience and Visibility
07 July 2015

“People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives.” (Thomas Mann)

User Experience and visibility are those essentials for any website that can elevate the rank status of any website exponentially and similarly can deteriorate the rank status of any website. In order to keep them optimized and managerial, one should take authentic decisions regarding web design and development.

What is web design?

Web design is a graphical illustration of something in particular, illustrated by means of images, texts reflected by typography and serving the purpose of transformation of information. Graphic design molded in form and structure after the invention of internet and web browsing activities in order to become handy for screen based applications.


User experience and web design

User experience faithfully accommodates at a special locale in the heart of web design since user experience helps in appropriate navigation and search engine optimization.



Navigation is a part of web design, however simple and easy navigation helps to drive organic traffic. Navigation is too critical for any website because when search engines crawl within your website they not only need easy-peasy and unambiguous navigation but also need recognizable navigation logos so as to prevent any misleading.



Not only the navigation counts but in the days of today where search engines have grasped almost everything, smartphones play a vigilant role. Most of the searches are being conducted via mobile phones therefore it is very important for any website to have a responsive mobile friendly website. Responsive designs are so created to provide frictionless user experience on all mobile screens thereby following the techniques and obligations set by responsive web design manual.



Obviously, you cannot create animation or action for everything available on the internet. There and then, text comes into play. To understand SEO concepts, professionals must know the characteristic requirements for on page optimization. On page optimization can easily be dealt with the incorporation of the required keywords in the early sentences of the paragraph, meta tags and headlines.


Good web design

A good web design is the one which can easily persuade the user to make a purchase. This persuasion would be catalyzed by the cascade of good user experience portrayed by the website in terms of graphical input and responsive web design. This good web design will then be able to elevate the rank status of the website.

“User-experience matters a lot. More than most people realize. The best designed user experience get out of the way and just help people get shit done. Less is more. If you have to explain it, you have already failed.”

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