Web Design Trends for 2015
17 Apr 2015

“Remember this: classics never make a comeback. They wait for that perfect moment to take the spotlight from overdone, tired trends.” (Tabatha Coffey)

It is very much of a general and compliant rule that for the certain prediction of something, significant information about that particular thing under consideration is necessary. So for the prediction of web trends of the forth and the new year ahead we must consider and ponder upon the trends and rules of web design obeyed in the past.


Why trends are necessary?

Notice about trends allow designers to keep themselves from repeating the former trends of the past and also enable and push the designers to look for new scope in seek of new trends in different directions.


Mobile phones are the next mini condos

After electricity the second big favor scientists have done for us is the development of smart phones and making them available at particularly cheaper rates. Everybody from the street to institution, clubs to gyms, library to offices, each one of us is a victim and maniac of internet via the grace of mobile phones. Mobile phones were the prevalent trends of web design and it seems more years are to go to knock out this trend.


Images have played well!

Images are the most attractive site so far recorded. They allow the web designers to grasp and swing the mood of the individual by the right concoction of typography, color scheme, bold sensation and other relative aspects. But make sure of using custom images since the web is too diverse and you only know a bit of sites out there so don’t neglect the possibility that others might be using the same image as you are.


Skeumorphism is dead by now

Flat designs have taken the control since last year or even a year or two earlier than that. However, flat designs have also become very much of a famous restaurant, each one of us visiting by. Something new has to be invoked, may be intro music.


Gliding from page to page

A very much enthralling website has been constructed by NBC News. It allows the user to experience the best user friendly art. As the user visits the website, he does not need to change himself the web pages, the web pages glide by, URL changes seamlessly while he reads or does his XYZ task.

“Don't follow trends, start trends.” (Frank Capra)

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