Website Link structures to boost SEO rankings
26 Apr 2017

“The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines.”(Adam Audette)

The non-versatile part of certain SEO professionals involves the addition of inbound links and they overlook the usage and significance of links present within their website.


Internal links

The links present within a website that lead to another source which is also the part of the same domain. The source can be a webpage as well.


Internal Link structure and optimization

Basically, you have to be very much careful when dealing with internal link structure. As you have to be much considerate about your users on one hand while on the hand you cannot surpass search bots.


·         For users:

While being considerate about the users, you need to add those links within a webpage from where you want your users to be easily directed where they want to be directed effortlessly or where you want to direct them.


·         For search engines

Whereas considering about search engines, you have to assume what and how will search engines and search bots analyze and place your internal links.


Anchor texts

You all might be wondering about anchor texts. Well anchor texts are those forms of links which are text basedand precisely focuses over the words and text used within the link that is directed to another resource. This anchor text is much significant as it enables the search engines to understand the potential and importance of the link target.


Restriction of recurrent links

You should be pretty much careful while dealing with the frequency of recurrent links within your website. A link repeated several times is definitely fatal. Also, the homepage link should be minimal to two links per webpage, though you are easing the tasks of your visitors by providing them numerous links on the go however too many links can distract and create ambiguity within the webpage.



The real goal of the navigation is to allow the visitors to reach effortlessly wherever they want to. Therefore never think of spoiling the navigation tool by the addition of too many terms and too many links. The more precise and clean your navigation is the more is the chances of visitor appreciation and visitor retaining.

“My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user not for a spider.” (Dave Naylor)

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