Why pay a website developer or designer every time you need to make changes to your site when you can easily do it yourself using our Content Management System (CMS)?

Now your administrator or even receptionist (no technical knowledge or previous experience needed) can effortlessly update your website at any time, showing your customers that your company is active and up to date.

We can apply our robust, flexible, and feature-rich CMS to your site. SpiralClick works with multiple CMS platforms to ensure our clients have greater freedom of choice. We have the CMS to suit your specific budget and requirements. We also provide 24/7 support and initial CMS training for all clients at no additional cost.

Content managemen systems that we specialize in include:


ScCMS/ClickCMS is our flagship product that we are especially proud of. It is a powerful CMS built with the latest industry trends and flexible architecture. CModel View Controller (MVC) concepts, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and high development versatility mean maximum benefits and rapid deployment for our clients. The ScCMS/ClickCMS system is fully customizable, ranging from a fully-featured CMS admin panel to a skeleton basic CMS model. It is secure, expandable to grow alongside your company, quick and easy to operate, and is a powerful visual user interface.


Drupal is considered the best open-source CMS framework. A large active community that has gathered a large resource of tested modules that are ready to be implemented in your CMS.

SpiralClick has experience working with Drupal. With over a decade of knowledge and experience, our clients can rest assured this full-featured, scalable, and flexible CMS system will work wonders for their business.


WordPress is the most popular blogging open-source system in use on the Internet. WordPress is used by over 16.7% of the world's top 1 million websites and manages 22% of all new websites. The reason: WordPress is fun and easy.

Our team has access to WordPress's exceptional database of 60,000 plugins, widgets, and themed templates so that your website won't look like 'another WordPress website.' We know the secrets to creating a unique and feature-filled website for you. And best of all, after some CMS training, we will 'hand you the keys,' allowing you to manage your powerful WordPress platform by yourself.


Orchard is an open-source CMS written in the ASP.Net platform. Similar to the Drupal story, Orchard has a large open-source community with an extensive library of tested resources.

SprialClick enjoys implementing the Orchard CMS with small to complex websites as Orchard is a dynamic CMS platform, customizable with many modules and themes to suit your business requirements.


Microsoft launched SharePoint as a comprehensive ecosystem portal for businesses to streamline their communications and operations for employees. SharePoint is not considered true CMS for the web; however, if your company uses Microsoft products and requires a website to share resources with your customers, then Microsoft SharePoint is your answer. For rapid deployment of an integrated system to manage your operations workflow, SharePoint is perfect.

Our SharePoint development team has built SharePoint systems for banks, large corporations, and government organizations for over three years.

SpiralClick also has good working knowledge and industry experience in other available open-source and commercial CMS products using PHP (Joomla, Expression Engine, Typo 3, TomatoCMS, WCMS formally Vignette) and .NET (DotNetNuke, Umbarco, Composite C1).