Almost all Internet users have access to an email account. Effective mass communication via email is a crucial promotional tool in the modern business world. With customized Email Marketing services, designated recipients stay up to date with your latest business promotions, news and events.


Email Marketing is a powerful tool – just ask US President Barrack Obama who was re-elected to a second term by targeting key swing states. His method of delivering his message to those states was via Email Marketing.  

As well as being highly cost effective, SpiralClick’s Email Marketing Package allows our clients to measure email responses via open, read and click-through rates. Other benefits includes:

  • Speedy and efficient communication solution
  • Broad reach to all clients (or selected groups)
  • Groups of clients can be defined
  • Accountability and results are easily measured


SpiralClick offers fully designed templates and customized Email Marketing Services in a cost-effective, timely and professional manner. Our Email Marketing Services include:

  • Email marketing strategies
  • Fully designed custom email template
  • Initial setup with email address upload
  • Assistance with initial email campaign
  • Copy writing services
  • Analyzing Email Marketing results and statistics


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