Corporation intranets are excellent tools for corporations to engage with staff and drive corporate culture. Intranets are secure web portals for data sharing, project collaboration and increasing employee productivity. A reliable intranet can build a solid foundation for a company’s growth and is now considered a necessity in business success.

SpiralClick is working with corporations and government organizations to implement successful Intranet solutions. Our business analysts and technical team are deploying tailored Intranet Systems to advance your future operations, enhance corporate culture and communication strategies. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle to make sure a smooth and successful transition takes place.

We have a variety of intranet and web based enterprise solutions to suit all business sizes and budgets. Our intranet products can assist your business by:

  • Communicating a strong corporate culture

  • Streamlining business operations

  • Systemize business processes

  • Enhance communication between staff

  • Improve collaboration and document sharing

  • Improve productivity and efficiency

  • Easy access to information on demand   

  • Reduce costs

SpiralClick considers your requirements and future growth carefully before recommending the best platform, technologies and solutions. Our Intranet options include:

  • Off-the-shelf products/commercial license based tools

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • WCM (formally Vignette)

  • Open source platforms

  • A customized Intranet based on OOP framework

  • Company branded and stylized user interface

  • Unlimited users support

  • Easy and secure on/offsite access with secure access

  • Rich featured and user generated contents

  • Modular and easily expandable portal system

  • Tailored to your unique business processes

  • Intuitive integration with your other systems and applications

To learn or discuss further please let us know.