20 inspirational fonts
08 August 2014

20 inspirational fonts

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” (Ernest Hemingway)

The trend of voguish fonts has been ruling the world since the invention of computers. Fonts are the main hunger impact of your content. The most catchy and reliable content are of no worth if mismanaged and daunted in the convolution of fonts. It is an axiom, what appeals to eyes the most is the commodity or food which is appreciated the most.

This article is all about fonts that will bolster your needs of ‘font tutorials’.

1.       PLSTK: This font has a reliable and an everlasting impact. This font is an inspirational tool for all those writers who want their readers to seek pleasure from both the content and writing.




2.       AXIS: It is a sans serif font. The approach behind the development of this font was to emphasize over the geometry of urban structures and ambiances.




3.       Neo Deco: Your quest for a mesmerizing heading font is finally terminated by the development of Neo Deco font. This font is very much recommended for logos, headings and for banner writings.

neo deco.jpg



4.       Balls Family: If you are looking for cute yet effective font then here you go. This font seizes the attention of the reader and prevents the distraction of the reader from the content.




5.       Bouwen: A classy font is determined via its segregation from the crowd. This font is truly a classic font.




6.       Kabel: A font with the effect of fireworks is the ‘Kabel font’. It is best operated when used with various colors and shades.




7.       Building: A bold picture needs a bold effect which is generated via this typeface.




8.       CODE pro: For the graphical operation, the implementation of this font is mandatory.




9.       Accent: A font marked by the demarcation of spaces within and among the letters is the ‘Accent’ font. This font glides us back to the ancient times.




10.   Mood type: A font which is inspired by Modern Swedish furniture is the ‘Mood type’ font. This chic design super imposes the content with the exclusive modern glimpse.




11.   Typometry: For the experimentation and projects, this font is the perfect match. It has a surreal effect.




12.   Geared: In order to proclaim the industrial thwack, the essentiality of this font is incorporated which is a Condensed Slab Serif.




13.   Glamor: The Elite glamour functionality has finally proclaimed via the insertion of this pro font.




14.   GRN Burgy: Say NO to serious! And make use of this font for a more lively impact. This font incorporates the use of capital letters. This font is an American graffiti. This font is typical used for fast food theme.




15.   Mink type: A font created by New-York based art director. A cool typeface ensembles the handwriting tool in its avatar.




16.   Museo Slab 500: A transformed and variable version of Museo Sans font is Museo Slab 500. This font is used for headings.




17.   Nord: The application of this font can be seen both for commercial and personal use. It gives the graphical reflection to the context.




18.   Langdon: For the expression of seriousness, this typeface is incorporated. It embarks very appropriately the expression of serious tone with its sequence of firm letters rigid in their own way.




19.   Bohema: A retro design with the contrast of modern twist. What a combo!




20.   Comic Neue: The metamorphosis of the common Comic sans to Comic Neue, gives the blissful effect to the context.



The precondition for any format does not only lie in the worth of content in terms of research and knowledge but the precondition embarks the allurement and engrossment of the reader in the context for all the relevant aspects i.e. text, font, knowledge, grammar, vocabulary etc. The use of the 20 inspirational fonts which are Comic Neue, Bohema, Nord, Langdon, Museo Slab 500, Mink type, GRN Burgy, PLSTK, Axis, Neo Deco, Balls Family, Glamor, Geared, Bouwen, Kabel, Building, Typometry, Mood type, CODE pro and Accent can emboss your context to a higher level and will ensure the reliability of your context for a greater span of time.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” (Benjamin Franklin)

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