08 August 2014


“Words are memes that can be pronounced.” (Daniel C. Denette)

A meme generally refers to an idea, behavior or style that proliferates from people to people and culture to culture. Whereas an internet meme is usually regarded in the sense of mimicry, spread via internet from person to person and is usually a catchy phrase, concept or a piece of media.

An internet meme can be represented in the form of a word, image, hashtag, website etc depicting various concepts of internet cultures and subcultures on various socially communicative websites i.e. tumblr, Facebook etc. Anything uploaded on Social Media  is put to fire and that fire is pretty much catchy due to immediate communicative techniques.



The word ‘meme’ in 1976, in the book ‘The Selfish Gene’, was coined by Richard Dawkins to explain the ultimate fact of proliferation of information.

Dawkins in 2013 comprehended ‘internet meme’ as the existing meme with a tinge of human creativity. The social nature of the internet allows the information to be grasped by the reader more readily and instantaneously. This principle is incorporated in the fabrication of internet memes, to be very catchy and grasping.


The Top Memes

Since the initial days of internet, internet memes have been trying to invade the internet through their remarkable insight among the generation. And so far many internet memes have been victorious in doing so.

Some of the most popular memes are listed below:

1.  Slender Man

2.  Doge

3.  Trollface/Coolface/Problem?

4.  Me Gusta

5.  “Y U NO” Guy



Every approach or next big fad on the internet is for some reason. Every company subjects to 2 major flecks i.e. great revenue and satisfaction of their customers due to a wide spread hit of their brand/company/website. And the accomplishment of these 2 points is based on the quality and strategic promotion of the product. Hence internet memes are also one of the big juvenile approaches to boost and annex more life to the field of advertisement and to the exposure of the product.

The marketing which involves memes is said to be ‘memetic marketing’.


Generate Optimism

I would fairly call internet memes quite optimistic because of their instant success and efficient marketing strategies. These memes are cost effective and needs innovation as their primal facet to reach the targeted goal and to entice the targeted market.

The film Snakes on a plane in 2006, generated much publicity and promotion via memetic marketing.

Hauntings are memes, especially pernicious thought contagions, social contagions that need no viral or bacterial host and are transmitted in a thousand different ways... Too often, people make the mistake of trying to use their art to capture a ghost, but only end up spreading their haunting to countless other people.”

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