Marketing strategies every newbie needs to know!
26 Aug 2014

Marketing strategies every newbie needs to know!

“The big thing is that the future of digital will be about marketing. It won't be about advertising.” (Rishad Tobaccowala)

A newbie always lacks experience in any sort of the field.  He is devoid of the major assets and tools along with the basic strategies required for any profession. Considering one of the most primal facet of business i.e. marketing, requires a certain set of strategies and plans that will bolster a marketer for spreading and promoting the offshoots of his business setup to a next level.



Before implementing your market strategies it is very vital to obey the factor of ‘observance’. Observe the market and your competitors.  Discern the vacant policies that have not been focused by your competitors. Schedule and map such plans that revolve around such policies. DO NOT promote your plans before implementing yourself and arrival of your product in the market. Noticing the branches will play a key role in the marketing potential.


Under promise and over deliver

In the theme of business arena, there is an ancient adage which is described as ‘under promise and over deliver’. What is the purpose of over delivering? Over delivering causes unnecessary chaos. Hence it is advisable to deliver what you have promised.

Many times, a company does not able to meet the required deadlines in order to over impress the customers with their fast and reliable services. This in turn will probe a negative impact and will result in the forfeit of an advantage that was already knocking your door but due to your over efficiency you lost your customer. It is only necessary to set certain boundaries for yourself that you are able to accomplish.

“Marketers rarely talk about fun directly, but in designing digital offerings that promise an "experience," or when focused on building customer relationships, the covert subtext of most advertising should be aimed at creating the feeling of fun.” (Bob Deutsch)


Effective design and classy packing

I have encompassed many products that have a mammoth sale and purchase but their quality and outcome is third class. This is due to the classic approach and mind blowing packing skills that made the third class product of immense class and productivity.

In the department of marketing, the correspondence advertising and packing is extremely crucial for enticing the customers and boosting the growth of a particular commodity.

Take decisions that will benefit your company in every way. Hire such officials that are compatible in meeting your demands and are able to understand your mindset goals.

“What marketers need to do is to realize that the shopper needs to feel that she is making smart choices. It does not help the brand if she feels that she is being taken for a ride.” (Bindu Sethi)


Excellent services

The stronger suit that customers opt before purchasing a product includes excellent communicative services and splendid quality. If these two benchmarks are optimized and considered, the growth and market of your product will definitely reach a height of Burj Khalifa. 

“We will have to become 'perpetual marketers', to learn to be channel and data planners without losing our human insight or creativity; to vastly increase the level of accountability and provide more relevant experiences for customers.” (John Woodward

In the absence of marketing strategies you will be misled in the tornado of competition. Hence it is essential to observe the market, implement plans regarding the market policies, meet the deadlines created by you, don’t over deliver and provide excellent services so that your customer is bound to you that will ensure further promotion and growth of your product.

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