Cyber attacks on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself?
26 Aug 2014

Cyber attacks on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself?

“Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.” (Anna Maria)

With the advancement in everything concerning technology, cyber attacks and other criminal attacks despite of destructive criticism, have been increased drastically. Cyber attacks might be programmed and planned in a way that distracts the user of the computer in milliseconds and ultimately within no time the user is ditched.

Cyber attacks can be defined in a precise manner as a collection of malicious attempts in order to gain information, affect or damage the computer networks and systems in a cyber space, by either an individual or a group of individuals. Usually susceptible computers or networks are more prone to these attacks.

“Cyber bullies can hide behind a mask of anonymity online, and do not need direct physical access to their victims to do unimaginable harm.” (Anna Maria)



The history of cyber attacks does not date many years ago since the establishment of computers and internet were pretty tardy. In 1988, Robert Tapan Morris, who is currently working as a professor in MIT, attempted the very first cyber attack in the form of a malicious worm called ‘The Morris worm’ that had the ability to slow down the computer systems up to a frontier beyond which the systems become useless and were degraded completely.

“Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe.” (Joshua Davis)



The cyber attacks are usually plotted for many reasons. These reasons can either infect a general computer system via hacking with viral codes or can entirely affect the whole population of computer systems of a particular niche for political purposes.

Do you know why cyber attacks came in to existence? They came in to existence mainly for three impetuses.

·         Agitation factor

This factor is maneuvered in order to spread dismay and agitation among the population so that the economy of a certain sector is crippled completely.

·         Susceptibility factor

Many computer systems have genuinely very weak security hence they are more prone to damages and cyber attacks.

·         Spectacular factor

Certain attacks are plotted in order to create a pessimistic image of a brand or a political organization due to their remarkable entity.


Attack on large spectrum

These days everyone has now incorporated themselves into a digital world. People are more eager to earn because of the greater exposure to brands and luxury that have promoted for the ease of our life styles. Companies and organizations have now created their web pages and people are now linking instantaneously on the social media.

People are racing in the digital world of technology and have adopted premium measures to boost their economy. Online banking, online account, management, online jobs etc. everything is now more hoaxing due to ‘digitalization’.

In this virtual world, due to the verge of computer systems on their peaks, cyber crimes have gained immense feasibilities to attack these companies since these companies have shifted their priority from security to property. Due to these factors, cyber attackers in the facet of fake accounts and identities, malicious viral codes, seeping through the firewalls of computers etc are able to gain necessitated profit, make political statements and competitors can steal intellectual property.



Lack of awareness among the population is the major reason why cyber crimes have drastically reached such a height of inflation. Companies should prompt and raise this propaganda of awareness among the generation via Social Media about the counterattacks in case of recurrence of cyber attacks.

·         Avoid running socially engineered Trojans. These Trojans invade your computer via installing unnecessary security softwares or defragging softwares.

·         Avoid opening spam emails. Download such browsers that indicate a risk of security in terms of any malicious website via highlighting the URL.

·         Make sure your accounts have immensely strong and unique passwords that will not allow the user to confiscate your identity.

You need to understand the basic potentials and measures to prevent intruders intruding your systems via end user information. Educate yourself about the risks of securities. And don’t jeopardize your accounts or websites under the hands of vulnerable security.

“Cyber attacker is a criminal. And just like all the criminals are doomed, he is justified to be doomed to.” (AsilaParas)

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