User Friendliness: Checked
20 Aug 2014

User Friendliness: Checked

"A grill is a source of heat. Just like a stove, it is user-friendly." (Bobby flay)

User friendliness generally implies to the term usability. Usability is the ease of use and frequent learning of an object made by human. The usability object can be a webpage, website, book, manual, machine, tool or anything that is concerned with human touch and creation.

Usability study is conducted by a usability analyst. It measures the amount of perceived volume of strangers converted into visitors and eventually into loyal customers by studying the clarity of interaction with a computer program or a website.

Usability is concerned with usefulness and friendliness of the content. ‘User friendly’ as indicated by the term itself promotes the friendly ambiance of the website by the design and content of the website.



As per statistics, user friendly websites are promoted more when compared with those which are built on the principles on unfriendliness. The rate of competition is attaining new height. Therefore, people are getting engaged in a society which is more productive.

A customer is enticed with modesty and quality. And user friendliness promotes modesty in the utmost fashion. Thus, modesty will pursue a more ambiguous ambiance, promoting fraternity on your website.

Due to global awareness and vast variation people wants the best. One of the best and clear views of the website usually boosts the revenue. This can be achieved by marking the essentials of user friendliness on the website which are listed below.


·       Navigation

Topsy turvy conversations are not favored. People make use of the internet because of the availability of ease and comfort. To be concise and easily navigable is best you can do to entice more customers. Usage of simpler yet efficient headings, avoiding abbreviations and acronyms, highlighting and incorporating ‘Contact us’ and ‘About us’ on every page of your web, adding search bars and site maps will promote a greater lead.

·       Content

Your content is the efficient key that you should polish and enhance for a better result. Mostly people don’t read rather skimp from one heading to another.

Making use of bullets, smaller paragraphs, subheadings and images will eventually empower the visitor to grasp information more easily.

·       Target audience

Try to incorporate all the age groups as your wholly targeted audience. Give your website a view and content that is appreciated by the people constituting all age groups so that your webpage is executed and exploited wholly.

·       Accessibility

Make your blogs ,content and web pages easily approachable and quickly accessible. People like to browse fast. Hence speed also is a basic representative of friendly ambiance.

“It is a major stipulation for investing healthily on your website and making it user friendly. This will give a higher rank in the search engines and better exposure on social media.” (Guido van Rossum)to get more information on this blog.

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