Social Media; Open Forum
14 Aug 2014

Social Media; Open Forum

“That's what I love about the Internet. Even if it's small-scale and you're just posting on a forum, that's an uncensored expression. That's what I love.” (Felicia Day)

Formerly, when mobile phones and other technological devices weren’t invented and rendezvous meetings and transactions of parcels or messages seemed pretty fascinating and coincidental congregation was of great significance both morally and emotionally. Taking consideration to this topic gives us a thought of some of the imaginary glimpses many decades ago. Comparatively, nowadays, from rendezvous meetings to calls, from aggregated conversations to dates, everything has been pretty instant.

Social media, being one of the most important merits for instant and aggregated conversations is said to be an open forum. Open forum is said to be a platform at which people from all the cast, creed or culture can interact with each other about a relevant event or subject and can put forth their opinions and respective criticism. Moreover, it is a way to get both the pessimistic and optimistic feedback from the recruiters and consumers for the enhancement of the product and brand.

“The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.” (Adlai E. Stevenson)



In order to be in the limelight on social media and to take the maximum bonus from the optimism of social media it is essential to follow the obligations listed below.

·         Frequent Updating

What is the basic purpose of social media? An open forum is said to be created so that the user can be updated minute by minute with the latest happenings round the town. Hence, users and recruiters are always seeking for contemporary exploration and exploitation. Due to this very fact, frequent updates is of pinnacle importance for your company to dance and jingle in the limelight.

·         Frequent correspondence

A mobile user is continuously engrossed in his phone by immediate responses to his texts or calls. Similarly, a user of social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc. is continuously engrossed with his online interactions. Precisely, one can say social media as a mobile phone, enlisted with mammoth socializing connections. Any calls or messages overlooked will be the reason to lose one of your potential future reliable customers.

According to a research, those who frequently corresponded and responded with the recruiters gained the height of followers contrasted with those who ignored the recruiters. A user of social media needs to follow certain rules which are mandatory in order to attain benefits from it.

“You have to test your ideas in a public forum.” (Hillary Clinton)



Despite of the magnificent policies you are following, you need to be a sentinel over the rate of growth and rate of productivity of your brand. Keep all the check over the outcome of people approached, outcome of your product strategies and on the overall revenue earned. Eradicate the weeker points and strengthen the stronger points to boost your economy and productivity among retailers and customers.



According to Darwinism, the animals that adapt more successfully to amending environmental conditions fit in a better way than others. Similarly, we need to revolve ourselves with changes of time and technology.


Social media is the most influential asset of all times, benefitting human race in every aspect. Students, education, marketing, businesses, purchases, etc. everything can be aided and each one of us can reach immense hype of success step by step if understood the stance of success via open forum as success and correspondence tutorial.

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