Get more Sales through Inbound Marketing
08 August 2014

Get more Sales through Inbound Marketing

“The more content I can put out, the more luck I have”. -VaynerMedia CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk

The above mentioned heading might be familiar to you because of its rerun in the world of marketing and promotion. Inbound Marketing is the term implied to the process of creation of content (in terms of blogs, podcasts, books, reviews, articles etc) and exposing it to external world. It is closely affiliated with Content marketing and both of them share a common objective of gaining potential customers.

“We've had three big ideas at Amazon that we've stuck with for 18 years, and they're the reason we're successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” -Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos


An aid

Inbound marketing is a miracle and is extremely crucial to the development of a company. It has been allotted the pinnacle of the roof in terms of its importance in the globe of marketing. Inbound marketing allows the customers to reach you by any means. Inbound marketing, vivid your image among the crowded space of the internet and highlight your company by means of the quality you invested via Social Media.

“If you’re not failing now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything innovative.” -Woody Allen



‘Buyer personas’ are also known as obliged customers which ultimately can be attracted by the identification of their wants and needs. After this recognition, the implementation of this recognition takes turn in two steps. Firstly, the development of the obliged product begins followed by thecreation of catchy content relevant to the wants of the ‘buyer personas’ which is circulated round the globe via the mercy of social media.

After the implementation of the aforementioned process do not think that your desired work has been done. You need to focus and implement more strategies. When the ‘buyer personas’ reach you, present yourself and your company in a manageable and optimized fashion.  In addition to what they want, accessorize them further with the lot of special offers in order to mesmerize them.

The final steps need the analysis and the total survey of the pros and cons of the implemented strategies. Rectify the cons that pushed you below your competitors. And in the long run, use marketing automation for the intact communication with your existing customers.

“Your culture IS your brand.” -Tony Hsieh



Inbound marketing has many perks and advantages as compared to outbound marketing. Inbound marketing needs less expenditure to attract the ‘buyer personas’. Inbound marketing strategies are easier to implement than outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing according to David Meerman allows the marketers ‘to earn their way in’ rather than ‘plead, bug their way in or beg’. The measures and strategies of inbound marketing can be implemented from your home and it does not require reaching out to particular individuals which is why inbound marketing is termed as an asset for marketers.

The catchy content that you created allows the search engine to search you by means of SEO words. In a way search engine optimization criteria is fulfilled.

Inbound marketing leverages the maximum potential of marketing by investing substantially. Inbound marketing along with content marketing strategy, justify the true success of a brand.

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