4 P’s of marketing
24 Oct 2014

4 P’s of marketing

“A lot of times people do not know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs

Generally, marketing is understood as the action of selling. Anything can be sold i.e. any service of product. While considering about marketing, a general yet pretty much vibrant concept of ‘Marketing Mix’ strikes my mind.

Marketing Mix is that formulation which encloses the real concoction for the success of a brand or product. Marketing Mix is a crucial asset utilized by marketers when talking or implementing business.

Marketing Mix precisely consist of 4 P’s whereas in service marketing it is modified to 7 P’s concoction.



Sometimes, it happens that certain quotes when quoted are not only told to certain gatherings of countable audience rather are told to crowds of infinite number and are carved in the book of history for the ends of times. One such statement was quoted in 1960 by E. Jerome McCarthy, who happened to be a remarkable marketer and since then the glory of this statement has been witnessed after its implementation.


4 P’s classification

The statement proposed by E. Jerome McCarthy was in the form of the classification listed below;

1.       Product: The foremost P in this classification is the Product. The product is the outcast or practical form of the desires of the customers. The product needs to be pertinent regarding the wants, needs and expectations of the customers. The product should be capable of enticing more consumers as a result of which there proficient transformation into reliable customers is at ease.

2.       Price: The amount that the customers pay in exchange of the product is the price. The marketer needs to be pretty much specific when pricing its product. Since, the survival of the company will be dependent over the price hence a marketer should take into account the differential value and reference value.

3.       Promotion: The efficient awareness of the consumers is the obligate aim of promotion. Promotion comprises of a set of advertising campaigns regarding the essentials of the product. The promotion is actually responsible for the proclamation of positive or negative propaganda generated among the public. New promoting ideas when synchronized with effective product qualities yield results which couldn’t have been better.

4.       Place: Place is the necessary locale at which the company’s product is available and accessible to the consumers. Hence, a company should pay pivotal attention over the locale at which the commodities are made accessible to the general public since their ease and satisfaction is the prime concern.

Marketing aims at the purchase of product produced by any organization. The theme of marketing can be trigged with the 4 P’s formulation proposed by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960. The 4 P’s classification includes Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Sound understanding and implementation of the aforementioned classification will expand your business to new heights and will get you more customers.

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.” (Gary Vaynerchuk)

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