Organic traffic: Emblem of success
27 Oct 2014

Organic traffic: Emblem of success

“This isn't life in the fast lane, its life in the oncoming traffic.” (Terry Pratchett)

Organic traffic is the emblem of success of your website. It is a measure of the amount of passengers visited your passage within a periodic time. Organic traffic determines the rate of popularity of your business. For example, if a page belonging to a website has several thousand likes and shares then the page is surely a hit amongst certain race of the world.

Organic traffic is proportional to the Meta keywords utilized within your website. A website or the relative content of the website should be portrayed in a way which has a persistent frequency of Meta keywords.



As a matter of fact, SEO is capable of imbibing organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization when measuring the organic traffic, comprise of three facets which are queries, landing page and geographical summary.

Queries of the search engine optimization portion, relays the image of the company and proposes the total image of the company in a way which aims towards the improvement or betterment of the company.

Landing pages comprise all those pages on which the visitors visit the website. Landing pages are amongst the top most relevant attribute that not only affect but also grab the organic traffic. The links of landing pages should be mentioned on a number of accepted websites, which will unlikely grant you some surprise visitors.

The purpose of geographical summary is moreover similar to what Google analytics’ purpose. It helps to picture the overall success of your website via the Meta keywords incorporated within the website.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a formulation proposed by Google that produces detailed analysis over the organic traffic that visited your website within a periodic time. This detailed analysis comprise of the net report of the traffic such as the situation of the traffic, the source from which it is diverted etc.

Google Analytics tracks the success of the company by means of tracking email marketing.


Organic traffic can be augmented if sound strategies are implemented. Organic traffic indeed is the emblem of success. The more organic traffic generated via optimized and planned framework, the greater will be the organic traffic. Organic traffic is measured by means of Google Analytics. SEO is also said to be relatable with the Organic traffic by means of the postulates it beholds such as queries, landing pages and geographical summary.  

“As people talk, text and browse, telecommunication networks are capturing urban flows in real time and crystallizing them as Google's traffic congestion maps.” (Carlo Ratti)

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