5 Reasons Why SEO is King
07 July 2014

SEO gets the visitor to the door. It’s up to your site’s content to welcome and retain that visitor.” (John I. Jerkovic)

Search Engine Optimization is not just a trend but with the advancement of enhanced and empowered use of the internet, it has becomes a prerequisite for the marketing and promotion of a business globally.

SEO is not actually a question but an answer to the queries of an aggregated business niche. It’s the forte to solve your marketing and promotional snags.



Nearly 250 million searches are made every day and this number is continually increasing with the elevation of wireless networks and 3g. In order to increase traffic over your site it is essential to make use of such keywords (surely search engine optimized) that drags your website in the top 3 ranking in all search engines which are the primal pedigree of searches.



8 out of 10 individuals maneuver internet on a daily basis. For the exposure and outbreak of your brand online business, online marketing and association with social media is thoroughly significant unless the races will leave you behind.

One thing is certain; doing nothing except producing reams of content is no longer an option. Good website structure and design is a learned process and understanding search engines and how they rank sites is part of that process. The message is simple, optimize or die.” (David George)



Seo is never too costly. It’s an investment or a motivated form of a smart move. While observing the market and price of SEO companies sometimes our preference relies over the cost rather on the product yet we mistakenly drove our attention towards a cheap product less productive and degenerative over time. But for the promotion of a brand we need to overlook our budget and choose certain SEO companies that charge lavishly but are confident in their battle and to give us our fruitful and desired results within no time. Such an investment will not be a setback because greater word of mouth, greater ROI and satisfactory lead generation will be the outcome.



According to an estimation, the web designers spend 8% of their budget on social media advertising. In 2013, it was estimated to be doubled. So get on the bus before your neighbors and competitors do.



The appropriate SEO planning i.e. developing web links, appropriate keywords, splendid content etc. will drag the attention and ranks of google and other search engines. Ultimately after the achievement of massive ranks, greater word of mouth, infinite clicks and touches will welcome your brand with greater generosity and hype.

Smart phones are the showstopper of the rocket science in the targeted market and mostly everyone is now an addict of them. Studies have shown that 71% users search brands or other researches due to the ads online or offline. Hence SEO is not only a tool but a crop of what you sow on the internet or your website. And with greater rankings you can reap a better ROI and a crop with inflated word of mouth.

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.