Shaping Stories into Exciting User Experiences
04 April 2014

Hospitality industry is basically a service industry, and deals in giving the customers a good experience, a good time in exchange for their money. Travel and Tours, Youth Motivation Events, Restaurants hence all the leisure time that money can buy you from a day off at a SPA to eating out, hospitality industry gives its best to its consumers.

Modern era has brought us many new types of technology, each with a different use, but they all have the same thing in common which is “increased efficiency and productivity.” Many business industries specially the Hospitality industry, have spared no or little time adopting these new technologies which is a huge thumbs up for them and is what gives them all the more reasons to grow more and more.

Guest satisfaction is an important and crucial step in business philosophy, this guest satisfaction tends to influence greatly the creation of value for customers, this value later makes up for the image of the restaurant and plays a key role into the marketing via word of mouth. Anticipating and managing the customer’s expectations are yet other ways of ensuring a satisfied customer, whereas demonstrating the abilities towards the one and only important responsibility to the restaurant’s staff to satisfy guests, make these guests feel like the centre of your attention and you are on your way to dealing with them. You must satisfy your guest in order to get the best reviews and publicity, a well satisfied consumer is the most effective marketing strategy. You are more likely to take a friend’s word for it, over a dramatized advertisement’s.

What a retailer can learn from this case study is that being highly responsive to changing market needs is what is needed for a retailing business to survive. You must have a diversified product portfolio with the help of which your risk can be distributed, and there is a lesser chance of the company running into losses as a whole.

Incorporating latest market trends such as the use of E-Commerce, is a wise move that will in the longer run pay off well. With an extension into the digital world of the internet, the company can get more exposure and be more widely available, E-commerce sites today, especially in the hospitality industry are playing significant roles towards the shaping of the industry itself.

If your product is targeted at a niche market, make sure that your retailing outlet tempts the desire to spend more, leading the customer into believing that your product gives the maximum of customer value and is being sold at a justified price. And your website is an extension of your outlet, isn’t it?

SpiralClick ensures the development of premium websites that give that classy feel to its users. The brand can use this exclusive effect to both enhance the product’s added value and can also use this same technique to maximize their retail experience at each of their stores, better staff and display, a more lavish packaging and a touch of exclusivity to its outlets would do the thing. A product that is well displayed sells well and has a higher added value to it, leading to higher profitability.

Hospitality industry is basically a service industry and your restaurant lies in there, this leisure providing industry deals in giving the leisure-seeking customers a good experience, it promises the customer with a good time in exchange for their money.

A time, product and service that provides the value and more than that of their money; the furniture, interior, the food and the service combined with safety of their lives is what can make a restaurant a must visit, so if you are offering something make it irresistible after all it’s the profits we are operating for in the end, as a business. Our growing concern is maximizing and helping you in maximizing added value that eventually gets attached to your brand, making it popular. Whereas the case may be similar for any other industry but we are focused with hospitality industry for this article, since it has the maximum role of user experience involved.

Successful F&B managers, and operators of any firm involved in the hospitality industry, are people who necessarily communicate well, and they know their foods, beverages and services inside out. These managers are well networked; they therefore have the knowledge of how to tackle their guest’s complaints regarding the waiting-staff.

One way of minimizing these complains is to have well-motivated employees on board, you can motivate them by making them feel like an important component of the organization, only when you have a workforce of well-motivated employees, who are all aligned towards achieving of one singular goal can you have a service that is exceptional and well-satisfied customers. Snow ball marketing, works when a person tells the other of their experiences, this can harm the brand if a significant number is dissatisfied with the service, and yet prove to be a great advantage if the customers are satisfied as they shall recommend, the brand gains popularity.

User experience can be enhanced and sales can be pumped up with loyalty rewards, there can be discounts given to its regular customers, and these discounts will be ensuring further customer loyalty, but remember quality is one factor that should not be compromised under any circumstances.

There should be discounts that will encourage customers into buying more products, blow the line promoting techniques are the right way, but if you fall too low, you may drag your product that is thriving in the niche market towards mass, where people will no longer believe it to be exclusive and may not be willing to pay as much for it. SpiralClick is at the work for you, you need a website, content? We work as a family and a real life example of how well-motivated employees lead to well-served customers.