Utilizing Social Media for your Business
08 August 2014

Utilizing Social Media for your Business

Marketing can be termed as merchandizing which can be understood as the exchange or selling of goods for an agreed sum of money. Marketing not only comprise of mutuality and association between a buyer and seller, it also comprises of the outcome and impact of marketing over a population in time.

Developing new strategies for marketing, searching various ways to enhance the amelioration of a company and advertising the brand in a unique and evaluated manner, has been the primal goal and the reason of struggle for all merchandising companies i.e. Honda, Mercedes and L’Oreal etc.

Due to the exploitation of intelligence and wealth spend over years, the outcome better than social media could not have been evolved, enabling new and vast possibilities of advertisements and new measures for the enhancement of business sector.

People are unlikely to know that they need a product which does not exist and the basis of market research in new and innovative products is limited in this regard.


Mercy for Personnel

Before the invention of the major hit technology of the 21st century i.e. mobile phones, web designs and social media, the labor work was more and the personnel were under the huge turmoil of exertion. Yet the invention of the social media brought ease for the all professionals associated regarding the field of web.

Spiral Click technologies is also among one of the great examples, providing quality work without pressurizing the personnel, promoting unison and healthy environment and focusing the gnome ‘labor from machinery and intelligence from man.’

Social media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master and servant, to peer to peer.


Tremendous growth

Marketing research always comes with pros and cons. All the experiments never are fruitful and some efforts have to go in vain, yet the results of some can be compensated by the lavish revenue earned, for the loss of others.

Social media is that one research that has over shadowed the inventions of all times and has compensated for all the failed negotiations and failed experiments, leading towards tremendous growth of potentials in business and marketing and reaching new heights that have never been aimed for with the initiative step as ‘MARKETING RESEARCH’.

Focus on how to be social, not how to do social.


Minimal time

Social media itself is a treasure for the growth and productivity of business. The traditional marketing involves the research and development to take days, hours, months or even sometimes years for the development of a single promotion. Whereas, with the technology and aid of social media, time is salvaged and efficient and effective search can be made with the help of quick time and infinite numbers of search engines.

Social media embarks and urges a whole enlarged platform for the consumers to transform into reliable customers. According to a survey, a number of the travelers were able to recall the promotional product for the last 12 months. Surprisingly majority of them surmised the name of the product correctly. Hence, boosting a company’s productivity.

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.