Ages: Miocene or Age Of Humans
07 July 2014


“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it.”

Social media marketing is a renaissance in the world of marketing and promotion, allowing a better exposure of brands among the population. Social media marketing if used in a genuine way with patience and accuracy, then it can be the reason of hits, likes and business of billions within no time. But without accuracy and patience the outcome is much lousy.

Despite of the world of technology, certain CIO’s and C-level executives do not promote and opt social media marketing for the promotion of their brand rather prefer the former methods of advertising and promotion i.e. conventional marketing and believes to meet their clients face-to-face for selling goods and for reliability and assurance of customers thereby hindering themselves from opportunities knocking their doors.

Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit – Moliere


Spending? Not a lousy decision

Surely the ones who believe that social media websites do pay is surely a myth because factually such not happen. Yet, not investing in social media is one of the major setbacks to the brand of your company because most of the targeted market and influencers who will boost the exposure of your band, constituting all the age group, statically uses Facebook and other social media websites for communication, renovation and rationalization of goods and practical life happening.


Misconception about social media

Certain brands consider social media as an online shop and admire to have direct revenue from them. As a result, discarding the major recourse of fillip of the economy of their brand due to immediate prevailing of the revenue. Social media websites are a source of revenue but in a serpentine and indirect manner. Prerequisites of advertising on social media are patience along with qualified product. Web pages will attract and interact with the consumers, gaining reliable customers, finally increasing the productivity of the product but in a long term yet effective term.


Giggling on certain facts?

Certain facts mentioned below will surely bring for the least smile to your hectic faces. These include:

·        20% of all searches made on Google, each day, have never been made before. NEVER. 200 new million questions, EVERY DAY, big opportunity.

·        50% of Twitter users recommend products among their followers and 93% online shopping decisions constituting are a result of social media.

·        Online stuff is really serious as 1 in 6 divorces are a result of social media.

Erik Qualman: Social media has made the web all about me, me and me.


Cost effective and efficient manner

Social media marketing is an all rounder asset for business whether local or international. Social media has envisioned and transformed every zone of human life. With social media, efficient and cheap publicity can be attained easily, advertisements and promotions can be updated and within less than a minute your status, link and commodity product is exposed and promoted round the globe.

Social media is a trump card for the business sector, allowing timeless and easy communication among the knowledgeable personnel and from a minor niche to the 7 continental reefs.

Erick Qualman: The power of social media is it forces necessary change.

After having a firm understandability of the modern era and of technology, definitely, one should prefer the age of humans rather than the age of apes i.e. Miocene, where all work and no rest was the gnome, where even contact was a profound impediment. With the age of global village, things are easier, more tangible, more accessible and someone with dignity and sense will vote to live in this era.

Social media marketing is the biggest strategy of the age of homo-sapiens and without the procurement, participation and collaboration of it in the world of business, the exposure to the brand is delayed to gain the appropriate appreciation due to which the competitors may take the lead unless the forte of social media is applied.

Don’t Facebook your problems, face them.