Artificial intelligence and SEO, Is there any relation?
26 Apr 2017

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” (Albert Einstein)

RankBrain is yet another buzzing news out there which was the topic of interest for many before and after its release in June 2016. With the announcement and implementation of RankBrain launched by Google, many old trends of SEO should be bygone now and there will be many new tactics which need to be emphasized so as to stay competitive within the market.

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Artificial intelligence

You might question me later on that I haven’t given any brief explanation regarding this new nightmare named as ‘artificial intelligence’. Well, it’s not a nightmare frankly. There are basically different types of artificial intelligence or AI as what you pronounce.


·         Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI):

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is for one particular example.

When the topic of our discussion is revolving singularly around Google RankBrain, which is a machine learning algorithm, then we are discussing about ANI.

Another example of ANI is the working of spam emails being segregated from the rest of the primary mail box.


·         Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

AGI is basically when AI can do all things together.


·         Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

We say to AI as ASI when the IQ of AI has modified.


Linkage of SEO and Artificial Intelligence

We have predicted that one day technology will take a lead over human minds and human brains and our predictions regarding technology and future have to some extent turn out into reality. Previously SEO was not that much complex, it was much simpler and revolved around backlinks and keyword quantity. However now with RankBrain, within SEO the following things need to be scrutinized;

·         Certain websites need to amend themselves and this amendment will involve how their competitive websites work.

·         Every keyword has its particular ambiance and this ambiance need ultimate scrutiny for sure.

·         For avoiding chaos, some of the websites need to be localized as they are.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” (Albert Einstein)

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