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26 Apr 2017

“Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.” (Dalai Lama)

People consider web design is the art of appealing and art of beauty. No, but web design has some even more relevant sects to throw light on. Web design is specific in the terms that it is capable of achieving the relevant and targeted goals regarding business and sales.


B2B companies

The objective of web design for B2B companies should be well defined and clear. This business objective should aim at the augmentation of business leads. A relevant web design is capable of generating more business and leads and is also responsible for the engagement with the content.



Graphics and visuals are responsible for generating a cleaner and vibrant look of the website which therefore helps in building first impression to the visitor. Usually, a webpage has almost 50 milliseconds for developing an impression.



Keep your aesthetics pretty vivid. These aesthetics convey an appropriate message to the consumer such that tough businesses usually have gritty aesthetics whilst a business having rock solid foundation usually depicts a classy aesthetic.



Conversion paths are the overall journey of the customer taken from the beginning i.e. from visiting a website to converting its visit into a successful lead. For the mollification of conversion path, one should make sure all the aspects of the web design are truly aligned and well formatted.

These aspects include navigation, typography, arrangement and detailing of the products available on the website and the contact details of the brand.


Conversion path

A visitor searches your website through some googling; finally landing onto the homepage of your website. If your website is user friendly and robust interfaces are all over its homepage then definitely your website has succeeded in the prevention of augmentation of bounce rate. This ultimately will push forward the user to the service page where the typography and detailing of the services will help to segregate the product as per his whim. At last, for queries the ease of call to action page being visible and easily approachable can definitely give the decision in the favor of your website.

Web design agency helps in the development of conversion path which is free of obstacles.

“We were astonished by the beauty and refinement of the art displayed by the objects surpassing all we could have imagined - the impression was overwhelming.” (Howard Carter)

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