Black Friday online sales hit the stores
02 February 2016

“Somewhere along the way, when we were building social media products, we forgot the reason we like to communicate with our friends is because it's fun.” (Evan Spiegel)

Cash cows in the former years use to roll to the stores only at the end of the year when the stores were full of deals and discount offers. However, this trend has faded with the introduction of black Friday. Particularly, during this day, the online stores provide a reasonable discount offers to customers and these deals are prolonged for an entire week.


In stores and out stores

With the advent of ecommerce, consumers not only buy stuffs online but most of them buy simultaneously from the e-stores as well as out-store in order to keep the in-line of customers persistent and continuous and happening.



One of the U.S banks senior portfolio manager said that Black Friday has transformed by the time since it was introduced and it has transformed pretty well. In 2006, black Friday sales was recorded to be 28% and in 2015 the black Friday sales seems to be hitting new records i.e. up to 48%.

This augmentation led to the conclusion that consumers are now moving towards a more realistic yet easy method of buying stuffs. These stuffs could be any form of consumer goods and with time the number of the consummated goods and that of customers is increasing modestly.


Holiday shopping done online

Holiday shopping done via online was huge in terms of percentage. One of the investment backs recorded that 37% of the consumers bought their holiday shopping goods online. However in 2009, only 19% consumers bought their goods via online medium. Not only this, but only 18% customers bought their holiday shopping goods via realistic sources or brick-and-mortar sources. The number has declined from 35 percent last year.

$4.45 billionhad been collected by U.S merchants particularly Amazon and other e-retail stores in just 48 hours.


Reduction in expectations

The expectations to online shopping revenue gained particularly have been reduced when compared to the revenue gained last year despite of low petrol prices, unemployment and other several reasons. The reduction in expectations is a measure of high priced stuffs bought online such as cars, phones etc. due to which the rates of buying other smaller goods will definitely reduce.

“Great companies are built on great products.” (Elon Musk)

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