CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) managing their SEO campaign
21 Jun 2017


“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” (Sam Walton)

CMO stands for chief marketing officer. For a CMO, in the age of today dealing with SEO under the roof of digital agency can be very time consuming. It’s time consuming in the sense that Google’s ever changing algorithms are under constant motion of transformation therefore what’s in today might be no in the news any other day. For this reason, you always have to be on your toes. However, there are certain edgy perks to the ever changing Search Engine Optimzation algorithms, beholding onto them can help you for a prolong time in terms of building a full proof and error free website.


How to behold onto the edgy perks?

Below is a list of attributes that one should stick to it. Consequently, these attributes will help you in the long run in terms of web visibility and search traffic.


·         Mobile is a major

Despite of the fact that mobile and smartphone devices have occupied the major columns of the spreadsheet, still many websites seemed to have too many flaws in the mobile version of their websites. Google also instantly updated its algorithm, illustrating much emphasis on mobile version of the website i.e. great significance to mobile usability. To gain Google’s higher ranking, while building the mobile versions of the website, the structural framework should be of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page.


·         Speed of the web pages

Softwares should be given a transformation session, where they are able to cater the needs of all time website users via social media and search engine resources. Internet speed is definitely variable throughout the globe but there is one similarity between the internet users throughout the globe i.e. they lack patience. Therefore, the key for CMOs for slaying the game is maintaining high internet speed.


·         Content is king

The golden key of engaging with more and more traffic is marvelous content. Real content in terms of GIFs, videos, articles, blogs, pictures etc, last a never ending experience on the users. Linking website to some outrageous source of information can also be an edgy perk for CMOs.

“We design our company around the needs of our audience and our contributors first and foremost.” (Moore)

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