Web design vs content
21 Jun 2017


Believability. Credible people are believable people; credible information is believable information.”

Web design or the content of the website; which one has the most power or which one is a more stronger contender in the game of business. The web design of the website is seriously one of the most crucial part of any business even than the content of the website.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a web designer, you should have come across with various questions that your client must question you;


·         Why call to action page matter the most?

·         Size of each web page matters why?

·         Long paragraph texts are not much accepted why?



According to a research made, depicted that 94% of the users mistrust a website because of the web design elements inserted whereas only 6% of the users blamed the mistrust reason to be content. Therefore, the web design elements of the  website should not only be pondered but also created in such a manner that they should all in an aggregate manner last an outstanding impression to the incoming user. This will defy all the odds of our consumer going away and augmenting the bounce rate.


Reasons of mistrust

There are numerous reasons of mistrust, some them are listed below;


·         Baffled layouts and their associated elements

·         Website speed which inhibits the user working and augments the bounce rate

·         Frequent disturbing pop-ups

·         Unnecessary advertisements


People trust what their eyes show to them

People believe what their eye show them they don’t believe to whatever is written within that content. Content marketing is definitely a game and to play the game your joysticks are technology and design. If these joysticks failed to collab then definitely your content marketing strategy will be a big time loser.


Navigation matters

Navigation is that one subject which definitely is free from argument. Talk about yourself, it would be pretty displeasing when you are not aware regarding your destinations and you are just taking numerous lefts and rights. Same is the case with online users. Blind alleys are never in the game. Your navigation should be ideal and should acknowledge your user where they are heading to.

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." (Douglas Adams)

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