Combine Paid Ads with Your SEO Campaign: It's the Perfect Strategy
11 November 2014

Combine Paid Ads with Your SEO Campaign: It's the Perfect Strategy

“The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.”

As a number of my previous blogs are about SEO, you must know a pretty how as what is SEO? And how does it affect the rankings on search engine. SEO keywords augment the frequency of your occurrence on search engines amongst the higher ranks. These higher ranks can help you induce and attain more customers as a result of perennial clicks.

As about paid ads, the more ads customers see about your brand, the more they know about you and the qualities of your product, more they are enticed by your brand resultantly.



Every organization aims at increasing their revenue by means of improvement and enticing more consumers. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns indulge completely into the question of increased revenue by communicating and intermingling with a number of social media websites, thereby enhancing the rate of paid ads in a number of social media websites.

The combination of SEO and PPC can allow a marketer to probe in the matter of ranking struggle of SEO, due to which accurate improvements can be made for analytical gain of ROI.

Also, a PPC campaign can grant instant feedback regarding the promotion of the product which ultimately is the measure of revenue and customers that you gained via this strategy within the periodic time.


Growing traffic

Traffic can be gained within a short term by means of recurrent PPC ads. Direct information about the product can be displayed within the PPC ad. The click on the ad will directly traverse the user to the ecommerce website sponsoring the ad. In this way, traffic can be grown vastly within a short period.


Controlled negative publicities

With the aggregation of PPC and SEO, improved search rankings can be acclaimed. With these search rankings, you are able to encounter the negative propaganda about your brand. Customers usually visit the first few pages of the website hence within the search results they will be able to discriminate your wordings over any other words.


Combination of SEO and paid ads is a perfect strategy for all those businessmen who are looking to augment their businesses with low expenditure rate. This strategy allows users to know more about you via social media which is the latest fad in the electronic planet these days. The combination of SEO and paid ads (PPC) help the diversion of customers by showcasing the increased estimated ROI, increased conversion rate and decreased nefarious propaganda. 


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