Social return on investment
09 September 2014


“It is impossible to measure the ROI for something if we haven’t first established the R (return) or I (investment).”

SROI or social return on investment is a method to evaluate the extra financial value which is standardized by SROI network. It calculates and monitors over the impact of the product after its exposure and promotion to the local market. The extra social and environmental impacts were not considered in conventional business that used to restrict its significance on simple costs and price of the product regardless of any impacts.

SROI has a broad prospectus and offers the license to stakeholders to engage in business activities with a wider approach of being returned with profit.


The R In RIO

R in Rio is considered to have zenith importance. It’s the return of your investment in the business. R is the return in the social market of whatever you have put forth before the inception of business and for the propaganda of business i.e. time, wealth, intelligence, plans etc. As a result your R can be, better awareness of the brand, appropriate solutions and the overall impact of the endorsement and exposure of your brand in the market, socially and economically.


Customer Communication

The return of our investment in the social and local business can be optimized by communicating with the customers and promoting a healthy environment for them. The communication and kinship with the customer itself is a big endorsement, extravagant achievement and exuberant return.


Considering Stakeholders

The main goal of social return on investment proclaims to involve stakeholders who in a conventional business are disregarded and avoided. SROI by SROI network also measure the impact of brands on the market, the transformational changes produced after their launch in the market, the impact of introduction of stakeholders and the attention gained by the stakeholders by the market.



The achievements of SROI is due to one of their conspicuous principle i.e. lucidity in their process and progress of working. Showcasing the transparency of the object will also result for a healthy return.



In order to monitor the actions of public and to invigilate the investment being used time to time for the promotion of the product, within a framework, various arrangements were made, among them SROI was accepted and survived the surveillance of naysayers. SROI invigilates over the aspects of investment by the brand and the stakeholders over a particular product and places a monetary value which later can be added.

The SROI analysis needs to have the outline that depicts the relationship between inputs, outputs and incomes. Also, after analyzing an outcome it needs to have a monetary value in order to be understood and presentable.

In the English language, the meaning of return could be interpreted as gaining everything from a profit. But in financial language, return is less than the original investment.

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