Easy approach, easy reward
09 September 2014


Business to business social media marketing consists of all the branches of social media and business marketing affiliated with social media on the internet.

B2B social media marketing is required to build a strong and risk-averse brand that has a firm foundation to support inbound lead generation and to recruit employees.



With the light years technology, the use of digital investment has been increased statically over the years. The analysis of AdAge survey depicts 80% of B2B marketers will increase digital spending forth year.

The digital investment will allow the potential businessmen to forge their business online and mercy our plantation sector via Save the Trees, Market Online strategy.



Every time when you receive an update for the newer version of an application, the newer version appeals more curiosity and attraction. In our genes, change is incorporated and yet good change is a result of creativity. Similarly, familiar feeds on your Facebook page will irritate you rather fascinating you. In order to be effective, you need to post creative and innovative articles every day (just like Spiral Click does) along with photos and videos as to be more interesting, informative and pictorial.

Recent IDG B2B study depicts 89% of IT buyers want informative content.

While an awareness of the customer’s use of your product is important, repeating what they already know obscures the real information they want. And that’s what B2B marketing thrives on … information.



Social media bestows a whole platform for the building and publication of a brand. All you have to do is to make new contacts that are visible online and are socializing on the internet very often and to put your contacts in spot light. Gradually with time they will make you the ‘showstopper’. Hence a better word of mouth to generate leads.

Fred Richheld and Bain found that those companies having higher net scores promotes growth 2.5 times faster than their competitors.



Publishing innovative blogs, posting innovative articles and being more pictorial is not just enough for pulling traffic over your site. A customer and a researcher opts those links that occupy the summit of SEO ratings. Thus connecting with Google+ is also a good measure to enhance the traffic over your site.

 In the world of B2B, your professional network is everything. Because your business is about business, the potential of who you know and who they know is where powerful connections happen.



These targets will bolster you for captivating a B2B marketer;

·       It is essential to understand that who your clients are in the market. Because all the customers in the market will need a review of the strategies that will provoke them to opt you than your competitors. And social media is the best platform epidemically.

B2B companies may not necessarily create the next iPod or TiVo, but with the right amount of focus and dedication, they can still create word of mouth that gives them an edge over competitors.

·       Another approach is clarification of your goals.

·       Selection of right tactics and right tools will also prove be a better approach for the embellishment of your brand. The choice that you will make for your brand of the respective social media to be the representative of your brand, will decide the fate of your brand.

LinkedIn is a good provenance.

Each of these approaches will lead to humanization of your brand i.e. making it popular and likeable among the market. For more information about this blog, humanization of your brand and relevant search about B2B marketing contact us.