Compulsory usage of website design trends for SEO marketers
04 April 2016

“Better content is outweighing more content.”

The new year has finally passed its quarter and thoroughly the SEO marketers are inquiring and examining too great extent that which trends should they follow and which ones which should be eliminated. The trends of the previous year are far outdated and cannot bring the ultimate successful revenue hence the need of new trends is pretty urgent.


Design and SEO

With the new year started i.e. 2016, design and SEO seemed to be pretty much conjugated and one cannot propagate further without the aid of another. A website needs to have an outstanding pattern in addition to effortless navigation tools in order to get the most number of visitors and ROI.




1.       Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs include those images that have a portion of still images. Cinemagraphs has a set of images which is in motion as well. Cinemagraphsbegan showing their presence in the former year but their importance was not much felt by SEO marketers hence they were ignored. But unfortunately, their ignorance in this ear can be much costly for every SEO marketer out there because comparatively the ads have cinemagraphs yield 5 times higher CTRs.


2.       Ghost button

Ghost buttons are primarily important for sales and other related functions. Subsequently they can also act as secondary or tertiary contact us or call to action button but certainly not the primary call to action button.

Ghost buttons also are able to provide the visitors visiting on any website, demure surfing and browsing experience.


3.       Adaptable or adaptive design

By the end of the last year, we saw glimpses of adaptive design coming over. It is certainly a rumor that most people believe that adaptive web design is simply a replacement of responsive web design. But the reality is that adaptive web design evolved only to aid responsive web design in the sense that the former removes the faults of the latter.


4.       Typography & Mobile

Typography on mobile is a not a new trend but knowing about its significance would be pretty much new to many of us out there. Mobile typography is not directly proportional to SEO income but definitely it has an indirect effect on SEO ratings in terms of user base and customer base.

“The trend of design toward simplicity and accessibility in software happened for a reason—simple sells, simple’s usable and simple scales.”

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