Content is king for a successful SEO Campaign
09 September 2017

“Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer’s inbox.”

Since the last few years, Google has paced up in launching new algorithms pretty soon with the enhancement and modification of technology. Google has been doing a marvelous job in terms of searching the most appropriate content which its users search for. These persistent changes are like perishable goods, with time they expire. This is the biggest hurdle which SEO experts cannot cope up with, they incorporate SEO trends but within no time Google produces a new algorithm and fades away all the existing trends.


Content is the new SEO

The former SEO techniques are bygone now. But those SEO experts who are capable of producing quality content, their content is worthy of being ranked as number one. Below is a list of views that will support that content is the new SEO and how fast in the few next years this phrase will show its picture on the big screen.


View # 1

The discovery of content is changing

Search experts believed that Google has been using the adoption of social gestures and social incorporation, but it seems there are certain hindrances to the incorporation of these social trends in the updated Google algorithms. The data that these social websites use is not in accordance with Google. Secondly, the data available on these social platforms can be effortlessly exploited hence there is no verification that which data is correct and which data is counterfeit. And lastly, the modes of searching content are again swinging with the introduction of app search.


View # 2

SEO can be bought

People know this that with funds you can promote your business well. However, relying on funds for promoting your business is the best practice only when you follow the path of content as the new SEO.

Content is however, the cheapest exercise and requires no money but creativity. Also, if your other strategies are not that mind blowing but your content is of high quality then it will get a number of visitors and more leads than generally expected.

“We haven’t really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have engaged in thoughts, but we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process.” (David Bohm)

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