Corporate Communication: One of the Dynasties of Corporate Identity
05 Nov 2014

Corporate communication: One of the dynasties of Corporate Identity

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said.” (Peter Drucker)

Corporate communication is one of the dynasties of corporate identity that bolster the enhancement of the subtle image of the organization in front of stakeholders and media partners on which the company depends. Corporate communication is a whole complex phenomenon that elucidates and explains the main aim and message of the organization for the attraction and diversion of stakeholders.



There are various tactics employed for the establishment and proliferation of organizational approaches for the augmentation of business activities among the social niches. These tactics are listed below:

  1. Marketing communication

  2. Organizational communication

  3. Management communication

All of these aforementioned tactics are a complete package that every organization needs for the accomplishment of the objective of communication for effective and outstanding results in terms of stakeholder diversion. All three tactical departments contribute to the following responsibilities;

  • The proliferation of the message on which the company relies

  • Eradication of counterfeit rumors regarding the brand and the organization

  • Effective delegation of communicative tasks

  • The cooperation of internal and external agencies for the accomplishment of corporate objectives

  • The coordination and communication of the corporate firm


Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibilities incorporate all those primal responsibilities that any organization needs to fulfill for the sober procurement of corporate branding. Corporate responsibility is often referred to as corporate social responsibility. It is basically the prospect of the organization how it manages to gain the trust and loyalty of its customers by the convention of the delicate yet perplexed message via shared visual identity.


Crisis communication

Crisis communication is an intermediate perspective of public relations and corporate identity that is the armor in case of demoralization of the proliferated message on which the company is based. Crisis communication helps in saving the image and message of the brand and the company via internal and external communication with the firms.  

Crisis communication may come in any form, i.e., government investigation, media inquiry, criminal allegation, stakeholders law affirmation, etc.


Corporate branding

All the utilities and products claimed by a company or single shared visual identity for the effective convention of the brand message are collectively termed Corporate Branding. The major objective of corporate branding is the formulation of an optimistic aura among the public which is contributed by the collaborative, optimistic optimization of the external and internal firms. Corporate branding is mandatory for the proliferation of awareness among the public and for the development of a high-end brand reputation.

Corporate communication has been proven to be very much strengthening for the effective transformation of short-end brand names to high-end brand names. Corporate communication has minimal sectors, of which corporate branding, crisis communication, and corporate responsibility are of supreme importance. Corporate communication provides tactical measures for effective communication inside and outside collaborative organizations.

“Public relation is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you.”

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