How To Create a Stunning UI Design for Android App?
01 Nov 2021

In today's world, people are connecting with their phones at crucial moments more than ever before. According to the International Telecommunication Union, more than six billion people worldwide use cell phones. The number is projected to grow by a few hundred million more over the next few years.

Owing to this, mobile apps development is quickly becoming the main focus of attention. Implementing mobile design best practices is critical to getting your app into stores and keeping it there for an extended period of time after it has been installed.

When creating a mobile application, several factors must be taken into account. Throughout this post, you will get doable design tips for you to consider!

What is UI Design?

Designers in computer programming and other electronic devices use the technique of user interface (UI) design to develop user interfaces for their products. Users seek interfaces that are simple to use while still being fun to interact with, which is the end goal that designers strive towards.

All user interfaces, whether visual or non-graphic, such as voice-activated interfaces, are included in the interface design process for a wide variety of devices.

Essential elements of UI design or access points of UI design

People interact with designers via the use of user interfaces (UIs). It is possible to purchase them in three distinct configurations:

  • GUIs stands for graphical user interfaces that are digital control panels that show visual representations of the user's entered the information. A graphical user interface (GUI) is the interface that appears on the desktop of your computer.

  • VUIs stands for Voice-Controlled Interfaces. People interact with voice-controlled interfaces by speaking into the microphone. The virtual assistants Siri on the iPhone and Alexa on Amazon devices, for instance, are VUIs.

  • Body motions are used to interact with 3D design settings, such as those seen in virtual reality (VR) games, and this kind of interface is known as a gesture-based interface.

People spend the vast majority of their time on apps and websites. User experience (UX) is usually the distinguishing factor between a good app and a bad app, with the former being more user-friendly (UX). So, it is the right time to hire mobile app Dubai-based professionals for your business to grasp a wider audience. It is because successful apps are distinguished from unsuccessful ones by their user experience (UX).

Top Tips for Creating Android app UI Design

Consumers now expect a great deal from their mobile applications, including fast loading times, ease of use, and enjoyment throughout the interaction. If you want your app to be successful, you must consider user experience (UX) to be more than just a minor aspect of design. It must also be considered as an essential component of product strategy.

So, when you are going to get an application for mobiles, you should consider a few essential things as discussed in this post – keep reading!

Easy navigation keeps your app sailing:

The design of mobile applications is mainly reliant on easy app navigation. The user interface of an application should be straightforward to use. It is imperative to mention the properties of the button clearly. Avoid referring to things in jargon that your readers won't understand.

The categories on a menu should not be cross-referenced with one another. Allow users to re-enter their information quickly. Consumers will remain engaged if you highlight significant or novel features.

Actionable Tips:

  • It's a no-no to hide the navigation bar.

  • The navigation of the mobile application should be consistent throughout.

  • Make user interaction as easy as possible by using the Android Navigation Drawer.

Use finger-friendly buttons and tabs:

When designing a mobile user interface, it is crucial to consider the tap targets. There should be enough space between the tap targets for the user to tap on them without difficulty. If the tap targets are too tiny, it's more probable that the user would mistakenly tap on the wrong one.

Actionable Tips:

  • The typical size of finger pads is 10 x 14mm, and the average length of fingertip lengths is 8-10mm.

  • Consider thumb region with touch target with a dimension of 10mm x 10mm is optimal.

  • Ensure that the touch target is at least 10x10mm in size before attempting to interact with it.

  • Ensure sufficient distance between the tap targets to avoid the user from accidentally pressing on the wrong tab.

Declutter the design for a minimalist interface:

Maintain a user interface that is optimized for diverse mobile devices. Clutter-free design can help to ensure a minimalist interface for effective interaction. A high level of clarity is required for effective mobile design.

A mobile application's usability may be impaired if it contains an excessive number of design elements, such as buttons, pictures, and text. In the world of user interface design, it's no secret that clutter is a significant deterrent to effective design.

  • The minimalist design makes it simpler and more effective for users to engage with the product.

  • Concentrate on no more than two actions on each screen and each page.

  • Keep the screen from being cluttered with irrelevant or unreadable information.

  • Make effective use of available space.

  • Keep the use of colors to a bare minimum; excessive use and the use of brand colors may be confusing to the customer.

  • Make advantage of the most fundamental icon sets.

Hire Professional Android Developers:

Users will only remember the initial impression of your business app. There will be no second chances for a mobile app that fails to wow a user on the first try.

The onboarding process mustn't be monotonous, repetitious, or protracted. Especially with a smartphone app, no one has time these days. To keep users engaged, the app must load quickly and clearly explain its goal.

For this, you should get the professional mobile app Dubai-based service providers on board to ensure an impressive user experience. It is imperative because before starting a new project, a designer must consider several factors.

The professionals must comply with the technical requirements provided by the customer and the platform's rules and guidelines. It is necessary to ensure that the project design is in keeping with current digital trends as a following step. Finally, they should take advantage of the project's design to make it stand out from the competition.

UI design is fundamental for mobile app success!

At the end of the day, it's the experience that lasts on the users' minds.  Designing a mobile user interface is today simpler than it has ever been before, owing to the number of tools that are readily accessible. When it comes to designing the perfect user interface, there are an endless amount of options available to them.

Regardless of whatever framework, programming language, and other tools you pick, there will always be benefits and drawbacks to consider.  Don't forget to accomplish everything flawlessly; there is a good tool for every task in technology – get help from professionals!