Do Rock Stars Need Social Media Strategies????
13 Nov 2014

Do Rock Stars Need Social Media Strategies????

“Facebook should have a button that says ‘in a flirtationship’ because it seems like that’s all there ever is anymore.”

In the era of today, where every single human being is a constant user of Social Media, other than my pops, who thinks stuff like these are ways of squandering both time and money. Unlikely, I do not share the same opinion as of my pops and people like me. Social Media is like air to everyone around us, though it is not much of a prerequisite to me but to all other people around including my first family and my random to closest mates, everyone seems to be a social media addict and pleased by the augmented frequency of likes on whatever they ‘purposely or randomly share’.

“I wouldn’t need Facebook, if there was a website that just told me whether or not my exes got fat.”

It is pretty much understood as to why all the businesses need to be on Social Media because their fans and their users are a part of Social Media. But why do rock stars need social media? I mean they are Rockstars! They are not handicapped or reliable over some Social Media or freaking Facebook strategy. Well, that was completely a misconception. Social Media and Facebook strategy, in the world of today, like for businessmen, are mandatory for them as well. This is because everyone, despite of the continental disputes, have made social media a mandatory exception.

As I mentioned, and you too would have witnessed that active users on Facebook constitute 1.28 billion of the net population inhabiting this Earth, whereas the net users on Facebook would be much more than this value. This mammoth lot of people cannot be overlooked.

All the Facebook users constantly are looking forward towards regular updates. Since Facebook and other Social Medias are capable of shrinking this world into a global village by means of connecting with everybody. By everybody they conclude their stars, celebrities and rockstars too.

The presence of rockstars and celebrities are mandatory on Social Media. Those celebrities who have Social Media accounts are more popular amongst their fans as compared to those who avoid these addictive activities. The number of followers of certain celebrities depicts the rate of their popularity.

Though it would create havoc for the celebrities if they will constantly update as to where they are, because their fans will get to know it and they will try to reach them. Frequent updating is not a good option but updating is of significant value.

“Say it to my face, not through your status.” 

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