The new algorithm of Google: Humming Bird
12 Nov 2014

The new algorithm of Google: Humming Bird

“You cannot improve when you don’t measure.”

Google has been striving and imbuing a lot of amount for the improvement of search results conducted on the search engines. One such algorithm achieved after the imbuing of several thousand dollars was ‘The Humming Bird’. The Humming Bird has been designed in a way to comprehend the intent of the searcher about which he has to seek information via the aid of search engines.


Purpose behind Humming Bird

The main aim behind the development of Humming Bird and its endorsement is to make people aware about the content strategy over which the whole criterion of Humming Bird is based. Also, Humming Bird illustrates a number of examples upon the diversion of organic traffic onto your site.

Humming Bird is produced by Google on 30 August, 2013. Humming Bird pays more attention over why the content has been created when answering the query or question of the searcher. The Humming Bird relates the query of the searcher with the content to which it has access, determines a relationship between the query and the subject of the content created, relevant for the searcher.

The perceptive of Humming Bird can be understood more precisely by the fact that it takes into account the entire subject of the query rather than focusing on a word or two for improving the search attributes.

Panda and Penguin, which are supposedly the platforms that have aided in the search criteria, they have been associated together with Humming Bird for the accomplishment of the search improvement theme.

Humming Bird has been created by loads and loads of striving efforts. A number of codes were created and experimented initially. Later on, with the subsequent addition of a number of codes, the whole entity became corrupted. The immediate rectification team was put into action and was interrogated over the rate of corruption. Much effort was made for improving and managing the corrupted codes. At a much slower pace, the corrupted codes were untangled and produced some epic platform like Humming Bird.

Humming Bird proposed by Google was to made searches quicker and easier, considering semantics which is the user intent. When the user intent is considered, precise and relevant searches can be carried out in a matter of no time. Humming Bird is aided with a number of tools to analyze the SEO keywords over a broader aspect.

“Technology must be like oxygen; ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.” 

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