How do mobile apps generate money?
06 Aug 2014

How do mobile apps generate money?

“Global internet users are set for explosive growth over the coming years-majority of them will be mobile.”

In the world of robotics, computer geniuses are the merchant multi millionaires and the whole elite class consists of the majority of either web developers/computer engineers or designers of mobile applications/softwares.

This is because in the recent years the urge and demand of computers, iPads, smartphones etc. have elevated exponentially. In order to meet these demands more people are engrossing in the business of robotics either superficially or externally.

The latest market of smart phones has become a lion if contrasted with other markets. And people have now become a ‘freak’ for latest technology. Therefore, people are trying to incorporate into this business for earning greater revenue by the creation of innovative mobile apps.

Mobile apps have been a major source for earning huge revenue unexpectedly. Dong Nguyen, Jan Koum, Brian Acton, Kaj hed etc. have become billionaires by the designation of certain yet innovative applications.

“The future of mobile creativity is in our youth: An entire generation first exposed to computing in this form.”


Real money for virtual purchases

Certain apps are free for a trial period. After the termination of the trial period, the app starts charging its user. Via this method, applications can be a source of greater revenue within no time.

In-app purchases are also costly. In order to jump onto the next level or to buy resources real money is charged which enables the user to get access to in-app purchases.



Advertisements have been the milk of business aptitudes in all the fields since they are a reason of awareness and exposure among the population of interest.

 Free apps usually earn more as compared to the apps that charge their users. Certain projects are designed in a way that they interact with the already purchased apps from the app-store. These purchased apps will show side banners for the other applications (a form of advertisement) due to which not all but a certain percentage of users do give this new application a shot.

Advertisements on social media can also help your app gain more viewers. The quality and temptation of your app might transform many individual visitors into crowd of users.


Social Media App visionaries

According to an estimation, the clear winner applications in terms of receiving greater revenue are those applications whose main priority is either communication or social media networking as compared to any other application concerned with any other field i.e. medical, fitness, grocery and online shopping etc.

An application which is more focused and new in the market, based on the superior strategies of individuals not overlooked, will gain immense popularity sooner or later after the launch of the application i.e. dropbox.

This application gained sufficient users all round the globe because an app like this wasn’t created before or if it was, it lacked primary features of storage and accessibility.

Hence if you are planning to be a millionaire over night then the initiative of designing an application is indeed the right forum. But you have to probe and investigate about the strategies of majorly hit applications before you get over on the basic foundation steps.

If you are not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t you worry your competitors are doing that and are getting those customers instead. 

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