How Facebook can help with your eCommerce sales
07 July 2016

“ strives to be the e-commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy online.” (Jeff Bezos)

The ratio of users using the internet is progressively increasing and this increment was never witnessed in the past. Along with it, simultaneously the ratio of response type ads for innumerable products, on the internet have become so vast, that to keep pace with them is quite a robust task. 

Also, the marketers need to incorporate the changing technology methodologies to stay ahead of their competitors. Therefore, customer data should be used in such a manner to give the customer added advantages in a minimum of cost. 


Facebook eCommerce trends

The data which the brands use to market their products on Facebook has open floodgates to Facebook eCommerce trends which the marketers need to know after analyzing the performance of the of the ads launched by the advertising softwares available out there. 

These trends are however listed below which at no point should any eCommerceretailer and marketer comprise on;


Mobile and Facebook

No wonder not mobile is new and neither is Facebook, what new is the progressive change of compulsory channel which was previously desktop but fortunately it is mobile now. Hence, the speed and format of mobile Facebook matters utmost for the growth of eCommerce businesses and brands. 


Dynamic product ads

This new scheme of ads i.e. dynamic product ads also known as DPAs, are a new hit in the advertising arena as these ads enable the user who had figured out earlier that your brand is not worthy of their purchasing now gives a second thought of purchasing your product, in this ways the means of retargeting and re-hitting the user is achieved whom we know are a user of the product of which are brand is related too. DPA’s have not only become much popular for the Facebook users but also other niche market users as well. 


FAN now

Facebook recently launched that its affiliated products on audience network i.e. Facebook audience network or FAN, has expanded to such a bit that not only native ads will be seen on a wide user base but also other eCommerce retailers will be able to take a sway over.

“The hacking trend has definitely turned criminal because of e-commerce.” (Kevin Mitnick) 

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