How to assure that your eCommerce website is on the right track?
27 Jun 2016

“Amazon drove Borders out of business, and the vast majority of Borders employees are not qualified to work at Amazon. That's an actual, full-on problem. But should Amazon have been prevented from doing that? In my view, no.” (Marc Andreessen)


Certainly, the speed for the maintenance of any ecommerce website can be provided by the businesses, being the philanthropist. Definitely, there is immense competition to get the right customers for purchasing your products. 



Online consumers, in addition to great user experience also desire for epic speed no matter if the website is crowded or not. A customer only waits for few seconds and a little delay in the loading of a particular webpage may cause the culmination of the business of that particular website in the eye of a customer. Businesses should take notice off that they are not lagging behind and their users either on web or mobile should not be troubled in anyway.


User Experience

The vast majority of mobile phones  being used today enable more and more search to be done via mobile platforms but the search is hindered via restricted and poor user experience. Consumers of today are pretty harsh and stern in terms of user experience, failure to provide sustainable and epic splendid user experience results not only in the loss of customers and loss of word of mouth but also with the aid of social media complete ebbing of the brand and brand image. 


Mobile strategy

Mobile strategy, mandatory in the world of hype as of today. Not only eCommerce websites should pay enough heed to it but also other websites should consider this requisite as a major one. According to one of the reports conducted, almost 18% of world’s internet users and approximately 42% of U.S online users have bought products via online channels. 



In UK, eCommerce industry is facing an investment loss of almost £6.6 billion annually as they are not much instigating in this regard. An alarming situation like this would definitely retrograde and worsen the ecommerce industry if thorough consideration is not paid to this regard.

“If you look on Amazon - if you do a search for personal finance, there are literally 20,000 books written on personal finance, and there's no real reason for it. I mean, personal finance is pretty simple.” (Aaron Patzer) 

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