Keywords that will augment your organic traffic
10 Jan 2015

“Long time ago people who sacrificed their sleep, family, food, laughter and other joys of life were called SAINTS but now they are called as IT professionals.”

One of the chief complaints of business owners delving into the online marketing industry is that their site isn’t getting the traffic that they expected. A significant number of business owners have reported that they lost their search traffic in this past year.

Before we delve into the nifty tips that allow you to gain a significant increase in your web traffic, we will focus on organic traffic and keywords.


What is Organic traffic?

Organic traffic mainly refers to free traffic that has originated from search bots such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is the best source of online traffic because it is helpful in determining self-worth and brand recognition. Organic traffic speaks volumes about the number of people that are interested in your services and products.


What are keywords?

Keywords are the terms a user hits when he is trying to make a search. For example if he wants to look for “Cheap hotels in Dubai”, then the phrase “Cheap hotels in Dubai” are the keywords.

Now that you know what keywords and organic traffic are, we will focus on how to use keywords to gain a better standing in the search results. Implementing keywords in the proper manner will increase your web traffic significantly.


Long-tail keywords are IN

Single word keywords are long gone and the Long-tail keywords are the new thing; phrases and keywords relevant to the blog must be added. These allow a better standing in the search results and that translates into better organic traffic to the site. For example if your website deals with airline ticket bookings then adding the keywords “cheapest airline tickets to ___” will allow you to have a better standing.


How to decide the KEYWORDS?

Many authors and business owners get stuck in this department; they start wondering what keywords should be implemented in order to make the website stand out. Similarly they also ponder as to what the general audience searches on the search bot.

To solve this writing block, there are a multitude of tools, however, some of the tools which have the greatest potential is the Search Giant, Google itself.


-          Google Autocorrect

Every time you enter a search query in the Google Search bar, you are prompted with various phrases. These phrases are listed in a descending order, with the most searched keywords on top. This would give you a general idea as to what keywords should be kept in your article.


-          Google Related Searches

Another overlooked resource is the one that pops up when you pass your search query to the Google servers. After displaying the relevant and most visited search results, Google displays a list of related searches, these are keywords which pertain to your search query.  Utilizing these one can create sufficient keywords to boost the search engine ranking.


At the end of the day, proper and relevant keywords are essential in order to boost your search engine ranking and also to attract organic traffic towards your website.

“If you write one story it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor.” (Edgar Rice)

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